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YOCUM, Jesse

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YOCUM, Jesse
Birth: VA Circa 1761
Service: VA
Rank: Sol
Death: LA p 1838
Patriot Pensioned: No Widow Pensioned: No
Children Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: No
Spouce: Diane How Denton
Jesse Ray, some of his sons, and some of his grandsons were suspected of being outlaws in Kentucky, along the Natchez Trace and in the Neutral Strip in southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas. Though several were hanged or shot by vigilante groups, none were arrested, tried, and convicted by legal authorities. The family criminal activities occurred over three generations from about 1800 to about 1878.

Jesse Ray Yoakum b: 1760 in Betetourt, Virginia, d: Abt. 1840 in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana
(Veteran of the American Revolution) (Tried several times for murder in Natchitoches, suspected of bribing witnesses and jurors, never convicted).

Several descendants of Jesse Ray Yocum and Diana How Denton made their way to the lawless area in southwest Louisiana in the mid 1800s. Some were involved in the lawless activities of the time. Two sons were hanged. One, Zach Yocum, was hanged by "Regulators" in Louisiana (date unknown, perhaps around 1876) and the other was hanged by parties unknown in Texas in 1841. A grandson, Doc Addison fought off the Regulators, killing four of them, in Louisiana after fleeing from murder charges in Texas. Another son, Matthew (or Matthis) Yocum, along with his brother-in-law, James Collier, was suspected in the killing of Robert Collier (James's brother). They then attempted to kill Charles Chandler, Robert Collier's son-in-law.
These lawless few constituted a minority of the Yoakum family members in the area at the time.
The Yocums mentioned in the Handbook of Texas article "Yokum Gang" are all children of Jesse Yocum, son of Matthias Yoakum and Diana Denton, both of Kentucky. Matthias Yocum, b 1790, KY; Thomas D. Yocum, b 1796, Ky married Pamelia Peace, 9 Jan 1814, St. Landry Parish, LA; and Martha "Patsy" Yocum,b 20 Mar 1804, KY. m James Callier. Jesse and Diane had 11 children in all.

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