<div>**Jane Sandusky Flanders**</div>
<div>b. about 1624 in York, ME, d. 19 Nov 1683 in Salisbury, MA.</div>
<div>Jane Sandusky, was purported to be of Indian descent. . She may have been the daughter of a French trapper, who were known to be coming down the St. Lawrence during this period. There is some belief that her name was some corruption of the French name of Saint Estr'ees;</div>
<div>**Abigail Carter Flanders**</div>
<div>b. latter end of June 165__.  married Dec.28, 1670, Steven 2 Flanders,  Eleven children were born to this union.  
<div>Abigail Carter was the daughter of the Rev. Thomas Carter and Mary Parkhurst. She married Steven Flanders, II on Dec.28, 1670 at Salisbury, MA. She was born Jan., 1652/3; she was living in Salisbury, 1747\. No death date has been found for her. She was appointed administratrix of her husband's estate.                           </div>

**                                      Joanna Smith Flanders**

<div>b. . June 30, 1723, West Parish Ch., Salisbury; admitted to the church, Jan.7, 1728 in Salisbury, Essex Co., MA, d.  Kingston, Rockingham Co., NH Daughter of Richard Smith & Elizabeth Sleeper</div>
<div>**Married: Philip Flanders,** ; m. Feb.2, 1710, Salisbury</div>
<div>**Sarah Chandler Flanders**</div>
<div>**b.** 15 Dec 1756 in Concord, NH, d. Sept. 26, 1840,  Northfield, Merrimack Co., NH, , at the age of 83</div>
<div>Daughter of Daniel Chandler , b: 15 FEB 1735/36 in Andover, Essex Co., MA, d.  25 OCT 1795 & Sarah Eastman. Daniel was the Son of John Chandler & Tabitha Abbott</div>
<div>Married: 14 Aug 1773 in Concord, NH, Abner Flanders ~</div>
<div>**Mary Fowler Flanders**</div>
<div>13 NOV 1724 in Salisbury, Essex Co., MA, d. Unknown</div>
<div>Daughter of: Jacob Fowler,  b: 10 DEC 1690 in Salisbury, Essex Co., MA, d. 10 DEC 1690 in Salisbury, Essex Co., MA.  &  Mary Jones,  b. 6 JUN 1689 in Amesbury, Essex Co., MA.</div>
<div>Jacob was the Son of: Samuel Flowler, b. b: ABT 1659 in perhaps Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH & Hannah Worthen, b. b: 21 APR 1663 in Salisbury, Essex Co., MA.</div>
<div>Married: 10 JUN 1744, Richard Flanders ~</div>
<div>**Deborah Hill Flanders**</div>
<div>Birth: 1794 in NY Death: 1850 or aft in Gallatin Co, IL Father: John 4 HILL b: 18 Mar 1759 in Kingston, Ulster Co, NY Mother: Sarah COLYER b: abt 1763 in NY NOTE: 1820 U.S. Census • New York • Tioga • Spencer John HILL 21.2.1|111.1.|3 Abner FLANDERS 1...1.|1.1...|... John SHOEMAKER .1..1.|11.1..|1..

Her father died intestate. In court papers by eldest brother Hugh, Deborah is stated as married surname Flanders, and gone to live "near the lead mines". Deborah's Nephew, Benjamin O. Hill's Widow, Eliza Newman Hill re-married  1878 to Willis B. Hargrave, son of Seth. Deborah's Brothers, Joseph & Morris settled in Carmi Illinois in the late 1820's. (The above information from Kaye Powell's research)

<div>**Cordelia Candice Nolen Flanders** Birth:15 Mar 1853 in Nashville, Davidson Co, TN Death: 23 Apr 1928 in Equality, Gallatin Co, IL Father: John Mills NOLEN b: 1814 in NC Mother: Sarah Reid BECK b: 1820 in NC Marriage 1 John FLANDERS b: May 1845 in Equality, Gallatin Co, IL Married: 22 Jan 1871 in Equality, Gallatin Co, IL ~</div>
<div>**Martha Purcell Davenport Flanders** WIFE # 3 OF George FLANDERS: Birth:  24 DEC 1832 in Gallatin County, IL </div>
<div>Died:  24 APR 1905, Buried at Equality Village NOTE: Martha's brother Lewis married George's sister Mary Elizabeth FLANDERS. 1850 > Illinois > Gallatin > Equality Roll: M432_107 Page: 405 PURCILL Eleanor 45 NY Martha 18, Jesse 15, Louis 23, Nancy 14, Sarah 12, Lucy Ann 8, all b IL Father: Nicholas PURCELL b: abt 1800 in NY Mother: Eleanor DECKER b: 1805 in NY Married: John Davenport b: 23 SEP 1832 in Gallatin County, IL</div>
<div>_Death:_ 14 JUL 1907, Buried at Equality Village </div>
<div>_Married:_ 1863</div>
<div>Nicholas Davenport, b. May 1864</div>
<div>Joseph Davenport, b. Feb. 7, 1867, d. 22 NOV 1938,</div>
<div>Buried at Equality Village</div>
<div>Henry Davenport, b. August 1873</div>
<div>Harrriet Davenport, b. August 1873</div>
<div>Elizabeth Davenport, March 1876 ~</div>
<div>**Mary Elizabeth Flanders Purcell** Birth: 10 Sep 1833 in Equality, Gallatin Co, IL Death: Aug 1921 in Gallatin Co, IL Father: Abner FLANDERS Mother: Deborah HILL Marriage: Lewis PURCELL b: 1827 in IL or Chemung Co, NY Father: Nicholas (Percil) PURCELL Mother: Eleanor DECKER Married: 27 Aug 1856 in Gallatin Co, IL NOTE: Mary's brother George W married Lewis' sister Martha Purcell. Children: Melville K PURCELL b: 24 Oct 1859 in IL Charles C or O PURCELL b: Nov 1859 in IL James Allen PURCELL b: Aug 1861 in IL William Lewis PURCELL b: 1872 in Gallatin Co, IL ~</div>
<div>**Chandler Flanders** Birth: abt 1836 in probably Gallatin Co, IL Father: Abner FLANDERS Mother: Deborah HILL Marriage: Louisa HOLEMAN abt 1841 in OH - probably Damascus, Columbiana Co Father: Edward HOLEMAN Mother: Mary Jane CARR Married: 11 May 1856 in Gallatin Co, IL Children: Mary Jane FLANDERS b: abt 1858 in Gallatin Co, IL ~</div>
<div>**Sarah Flanders Davenport** Birth: 1820 in Spencer twp, Tioga Co, NY Death: 1877 in Gallatin Co, IL Father: Abner FLANDERS Mother: Deborah HILL Marriage 1 Randle W DAVENPORT b: abt 1815 in Knox Co., TN Married: 17 Feb 1842 in Gallatin Co, IL Children: Abner Francis DAVENPORT b: 2 Mar 1844 in Gallatin Co, IL Deborah F DAVENPORT b: 1846 in Gallatin Co, IL Sarah A DAVENPORT b: 1848 in IL George W DAVENPORT b: Mar 1850 in Eagle, Gallatin Co, IL ~</div>
<div>**Abner Flanders**</div>
<div>Birth: abt 1830 in probably Gallatin Co, IL Military Service Civil War NOTES: Civil War Pension Index: Abner Flanders State Filed: Susan M. Flanders Relative: ~</div>
<div>**Franklin McLain**</div>
<div>Franklin McLain, farmer, was born in Hopkins County, KY., march 15, 1831.  His father, Samuel, formerly from South Carolina, in early life settled in  Hopkins County, and here married Lurania Warson.  He was a farmer, and died while on a prospecting tour in Missouri, a few monoths before the birth of our subject, the youngest of his three children.  The mother, a native of South Carolina, came in 1850 with our subject to Gallatin County and settled on their present homestead.  She died in Jefferson County in September 1877.  Reared on the farm, and with a limited education, our subject has been chiefly devoted to agriculture.  November 11, 1852, he married Mary, daughter of Owen Riley, in Saline County.  They had but one child (deceased).  After his wife's death. December 9, 1853, he married in Gallatin County, September 2, 1852, Nancy, daughter of Nicholas Purcell, a millwright and farmer, a native of New York, and who died in 1842 from injuries received while employed at his trade.  From this marriage are the following children: Jessie M., Francis M., Calvin B., Lucy A., Ellen, Clara, Lewis V., Guy, Viola and Iva.  HIs wife was born in Gallatin County, October 10, 1836.  Our subject is a Democrat, first voting for Pierce.  He has a fine home and farm of 180 acres, three miles north of Equality, devoted to wheat and clover seed."</div>
<div>**Nancy Jane Flanders Gibson** Birth: Mar 1824 in IL Death: 1910 or aft Marriage: Simeon K GIBSON b: abt 1815 Married: 26 Feb 1844 in Gallatin Co, IL ~</div>
<div>**John Flanders**</div>
<div>**Son of Abner & Deborah Hill Flanders** Birth: 1820 or bef in Tioga Co, NY Death: 1838 - 1845 in Gallatin Co, IL Marriage 1 **Malenta HARGRAVE** b: 1820 abt in IL Death: 1860 or bef in Gallatin Co, IL Married: 1845 or bef in Gallatin Co, IL NOTE: 1850 U.S. Census • Illinois • Gallatin • Equality William HARGRAVE 27 farmer, all b IL Cynthia A 24, George 4, John 3, Willie 1, Mary E 1/12 William H BLADES 27 farmer KY Malitna 29 IL malenta Aphse? E 1 f, IL aphia? Mary HARGRAVE 18 NOTE: MALENTA NEXT MARRIED: William H BLADES b: 1822 abt in KY Children: Aphia BLADES b: 1849 abt in Equality, Gallatin Co, IL</div>
<div>**General Willis Hargrave**</div>
<div>1764 - 1846</div>
<div>Son Of William Sr. & Unknown Bishop Hargrave</div>
<div>He and wife Jane Brown relocated to Logan County, Kentucky, in 1790\. Here they had nine children, Samuel, Margaret, Seth, Nancy, George, Rachel, Lee, Light, and Jane. The latter two died in infancy. Willis moved his family to Gallatin County in 1808 where, along with daughter Margaret and her husband James Ratcliff, they settled near the U.S. Salines at Equality. Willis, who had been active in the Kentucky Militia and was a lieutenant in 1797 and a captain by 1803, engaged his service in the War of 1812 mostly guarding settlements against native attack. He served in the 3rd Regiment, Captain Hargraves Company. Willis Hargrave was an important figure in early southeastern Illinois history. By 1812, four years after moving to Gallatin County, Willis Hargrave was made a member of a three-man commission, which included Leonard White and Phillip Trammel, to set legal boundaries for the U.S. Salines at Equality. Hargrave and William McHenry signed the Illinois Constitution on August 26, 1818\. Willis Hargrave asserted his wishes to legalize slavery in the state. Hargrave was accused of establishing a proslavery organization and conspiring to bring slaves into the state. In December of 1823, Hargrave held a meeting of the "Friends of a Convention" aimed at amending the constitution to allow slavery. The slavery question was a statewide concern for many citizens and it appears that Hargrave was very much involved in the heated debate. No changes were made, however, and Illinois remained a free state. Willis died in 1846 at the age of 76\.</div>
<div>**Lucinda McHenry Hargrave**</div>
<div>b. Sept. 25, 1801</div>
<div>Daughter of, William & Hannah McHenry</div>
<div>m. Dec. 20, 1819, George B. Hargrave</div>
<div>d. January 8, 1836</div>
<div>~ **Augustus "Gus" Lowell Flanders** Born: March 18, 1882 Died 1954 _son of_ Oscar Peabody FLANDERS and Lucy MCCLAIM _Married_: Julia E. Proctor Birth: 14 Jul 1884 in Gallatin County, IL Death: JULY 1961, Illinois Father: William S. Proctor b. 1840 in Hamilton County, IL Mother: Mary Biggerstaff b. About. 1846 NOTE: _Julia Proctor had an older Sister, Elizabeth who married Abner Flanders, the younger Brother of Oscar and Uncle of Augustus. That means that Abner's Sister-in-Law (Julia) married his Nephew Augustus.._......... ~</div>
<div> **Rosetta Loretta  "Etta" Etherton Flanders**</div>
<div>Birth: 1872 in Saline Co, IL Death: 1936 in Equality, Gallatin Co, IL Father: Andrew J ETHERTON b: 1840 in IN Mother: Josephine ENDICOTT b: 10 Oct 1844 in Posey, IN Marriage (1) Abner FLANDERS b: 1866 in Gallatin Co, IL Married: abt 1904 in IL ~</div>
<div>**William Oscar Flanders** Born: JAN. 29, 1915, Danville, Vermillion Co. Died: Dec. 8, 1996, Tempe, AZ. _Married_: Ethel ROBERTS, June 12, 1943, Watseka, ILL.</div>
<div>She was born Feb. 22, 1917\. Daughter of   Russell Roiberts and Bernice Hunt _Children_: Deborah J. b.  March 11, 1945 Suzanne , b. Jan. 2, 1947 William R. b. SEPT. 24\. 1948 Nancy M. b. JULY 26, 1952</div>
<div>**Judge, Harry Jesse Flanders**</div>
<div>b. Jan. 1, 1896, d. June 16, 1968, Saline Co. Ill.</div>
<div>_Married_: 1903, Bernice Porter</div>
<div>_Children:_ Jay, Mary Ann</div>
<div>Harry was a prominent Judge in El Dorado, Illinois</div>
<div>**Dorastus L Grimes**</div>
<div>Birth: Feb 1823 in Indiana, Death: 18 Feb 1883 in Saline Co., Ill. Dorastus lived in Saline Co. about 30 yrs. & d. in Somerset Precinct. He suffered several weeks from an attack of fever. Bur. in Capt Roark's farm. He was member of 6th Ill. Cavalry & most of the time in Co. K. He was Republican. Was merchant in Whitesville, but after the service, farmed & was very successful. Bur. in Mountain Twp., Saline Co., Ill. HE MARRIED: Emily B **HARGARVE**, 5 Jan 1855 in Saline Co., Ill.</div>
<div>**Willis Brown Hargrave**</div>
<div>Willis B. **Hargrave** was born in White County, IL August 3, 1825 to George B. and Lucinda (McHenry) Hargrave.  Lucinda died in 1836 near Equality and George died in 1841.  Willis B. Hargrave was the third born of nine children.  Willis served six months in the Mexican War and was discharged at Camp Mear.  He enlisted in the Third Illinois Cavalry as private afterward as 1st Lieutenant. After two and a half years he resigned his commission at Port Hudson because of poor health.  In 1848 he married Sarah A. Craw, daughter of Richard Craw.  Willis and Sarah had two children Alma L. and George R. </div>
<div>~ </div>
<div>**Andrew Lorenzo Hargrave** Son of Lorenzo D. Hargrave and Artemissa Blackman Hargrave. Andrew married Flora B. Scroggins on February 18, 1886, in Saline County, Illinois. As a result of this union, Andrew and Flora had six children, Maud, Mark, George, Nellie, Carrie, and Lois Hargrave.                                                                 ~</div>
<div>**Abner Francis Davenport**</div>
<div>**Abner**. F. Davenport, merchant, was born near Equality, Ill., March 2, 1844\. His father, R. W., was a native of Knoxville, Tenn., settled with his parents near Equality, and was always a farmer. He married Sarah, daughter of Abner Flanders, a farmer and manufacturer, and a native of New Hampshire. For ten years he was coroner, and filled an unexpired term as sheriff. His death occurred in December, 1852\. The mother, a native of New York, came with her parents to Illinois, settling near Equality; she died in 1875\. Our subject, the eldest of our children, was reared and educated in Equality, chiefly, and took a course at Bartlett's Commercial College, Cincinnati. Until two years ago he was a farmer and teacher, when he engaged in his present general merchandise business. February 13, 1878, he married Juliet, daughter of John W. Clifton, a merchant, formerly of Ohio. She was born in Gallatin County in June, 1848\. Their children are May, Delia, Martha J., Randall W., George A. and Robert C. Our subject is a Democrat, and he and his wife are members of the Presbyterian Church. Their home is in Equality.</div>
<div>Source: [Author unknown] 1887\. _History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin and Williamson Counties, Illinois_. 534\.</div>
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