<div>**~FRANKLIN McLAIN/MCCLAIN~**</div>
<div>Franklin McLain, farmer, was born in Hopkins County, KY., March 15, 1831.  His Father, Samuel, formerly from South Carolina, in early life settled in  Hopkins County, and here married Lurania Warson.  He was a farmer, and died while on a prospecting tour in Missouri, a few months before the birth of our subject, the youngest of his three children. </div>
<div>The mother, a native of South Carolina, came in 1850 with our subject to Gallatin County and settled on their present homestead.  She died in Jefferson County in September 1877. </div>
<div>Reared on the farm, and with a limited education, our subject has been chiefly devoted to agriculture.  November 11, 1852, he married Mary, daughter of Owen Riley, in Saline County.  They had but one child (deceased).  After his wife's death. December 9, 1853, he married in Gallatin County, September 2, 1854, Nancy, daughter of Nicholas Purcell, a millwright and farmer, a native of New York, and who died in 1842 from injuries received while employed at his trade.  From this marriage are the following children: Jessie M., Francis M., Calvin B., Lucy A., Ellen, Clara, Lewis V., Guy, Viola and Iva.  His wife was born in Gallatin County, October 10, 1836.  Our subject is a Democrat, first voting for Pierce.  He has a fine home and farm of 180 acres, three miles north of Equality, devoted to wheat and clover seed."</div>
<div>SOURCE: History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin and Williamson Counties, Illinois</div>
<div>NANCY E. PURCELL MCCLAIN Birth: Dec. 10, 1836 Gallatin County Illinois, Death: 1904 Daughter of Nicholas & Eleanor Decker Purcell. Wife of Frank McClain, Her stone reads, "Nancy E McLean wife of F McLean".  should say McClain</div>
<div>Samuel McLain (b. abt. 1800 SC., d. 1850) </div>
<div> Lurana/Lurania Warson (b. 1800 SC.)</div>
<div>Children: 1\. Frank (see below)</div>
<div>2\. Sarah Jenetta (b. 1829, d. 1896 in Jefferson Co, IL )
<div>  James  Casius Loman (b: 1830 in Madison Co, KY)</div>
<div>Children: William 1854, Prior 1857, Isaac Benjamin 1858,</div>
<div>Caledonia 1863, Clark 1867, Leota J. 1869</div>
<div>3\. George (b. 1821) Louisa Unknown (b. 1815)   Louisa Unknown (b. 1815)</div>
<div>- speculative as son -</div>
<div>Children: Green S. 1844, Moses P. 1848, William H. 1854, John S. 1841,</div>
<div>Sarah A. 1850,  Andrew J. 1839</div>
<div>4\. Mary E. (b. 1830)</div>
<div>5\. Martha Ann (b. 1838) - speculative as daughter, William Bain</div>
<div>**Marriages** Flanders, Oscar Peabody McClain, Lucy 11/07/1880 00C/0461</div>
<div>**Illinois Marriages, 1851-1900** Name Gender Spouse Name Marriage Date County</div>
<div> Franklin McLane Male, Nancy Purcil Sep 02, 1855 Gallatin</div>
<div>~ Martha Ann McLean Female, William Bain May 10, 1857 Gallatin </div>
<div>McClain, Francis & Martin, Emma 10/03/1879 00C/0381 Gallatin</div>
<div>McClain, Guy & Wathen, Ida Gallatin 02/10/1896 00F/0371 ~</div>
<div>McClain, Jesse M. &  Dorsey, Caledonia "Callie"  D. Gallatin 09/25/1888 00E/0078 ~</div>
<div>McClain Lewis & Bowling Addie Gallatin 12/24/1893 00F/0127</div>
<div>**Census Information**</div>
<div>**1850** District 1, Hopkins, Kentucky; Roll: M432_205; Page: 63; Image: 126 **McLEAN Lurana** 50 SC Mary E 19, Franklin 18, KY **LOMAN** James 19, Sarah J 21, KY **McLEAN** Louisa/Laura? 85 SC ~ **1870** Township 9 Range 8, Gallatin, Illinois; Roll: M593_224; Page: 364; Image: 67 Equality PO, 20 Jun McLAIN Frank 39 farmer KY Nancy 33 IL Jessy 13, Frances 12, Calvin 10, Lucy 7, Ellen 4, Clarissa 2,</div>
<div>Louis 6/12 Dec, IL ~</div>
<div>**1880** Gallatin Co. Illinois Census </div>
<div> [Frank MC LAIN](  Self  M  Male  W  49  KY  Farmer  SC  SC  [Nancy MC LAIN](  Wife  M  Female  W  44  IL  Keeping House  NY  NY  [J. M. MC LAIN](  Son  S  Male  W  24  IL  Farmer  KY  IL  [Calvin MC LAIN](  Son  S  Male  W  20  IL  Farmer  KY  IL  [Lucy MC LAIN](  Dau  S  Female  W  17  IL  No Occupation  KY  IL  [Ellen MC LAIN](  Dau  S  Female  W  15  IL  No Occupation  KY  IL  [Clarissa MC LAIN](  Dau  S  Female  W  13  IL  At Home  KY  IL  [Lewis MC LAIN](  Son  S  Male  W  11  IL  At Home  KY  IL  [N. G. MC LAIN](  Son  S  Male  W  9  IL  At Home  KY  IL  [Viola MC LAIN](  Dau  S  Female  W  6  IL  At Home  KY  IL  [Iva B. MC LAIN](  Dau  S  Female  W  4  IL  At Home  KY  IL  [Gilbert JOYNER](  Other  S  Male  W  22  IL  Laborer  KY  IL </div>
<div>Next Household</div>
<div>[F. M. MC LAIN](  Self  M  Male  W  22  IL  Farmer  KY  IL  [Emma MC LAIN](  Wife  M  Female  W  19  IL  Keeping House  ---  IRE ~</div>
<div> **1880** United States Census, Elk Prairie, Jefferson, Illinois</div>
<div>[James LOMAN](  Self  M  Male  W  50  KY  Farmer  VA  NC  [Sarah LOMAN](  Wife  M  Female  W  51  KY  Keeping House  MO  NC  [Isaac LOMAN](  Son  S  Male  W  20  IL  Works On Farm  KY  KY  [Clark LOMAN](  Son  S  Male  W  13  IL  Works On Farm  KY  KY  [Leoda LOMAN](  Dau  S  Female  W  10  IL    KY 


<div>**1880** United States Census, White Oak, Gallatin, Illinois </div>
<div> [Jasper BOWLING](  Self  M  Male  W  46  KY  Farmer  KY  KY  [L. BOWLING](  Wife  M  Female  W  37  VA  Keeps House  VA  V  [John W. BOWLING](  Son  S  Male  W  18  KY  Farm Laborer  KY  V  [A. L. BOWLING](  Son  S  Male  W  12  KY  Farm Laborer  KY  V  [F. BOWLING](  Son  S  Male  W  9  IL    KY  V  [Adie BOWLING](  Dau  S  Female  W  6  IL    KY  V  [Hattie BOWLING](  Dau  S  Female  W  3  IL    KY  V  [Edwin BOWLING](  Son  S  Male  W  2M  IL    KY  V </div>
<div>**1880** United States Census, White Oak, Gallatin, Illinois </div>
<div> [William BAIN](  Self  M  Male  W  42  IL  Teamster  TN  TN  [Martha BAIN](  Wife  M  Female  W  42  KY  Keeping House  SC  SC  [Flora BAIN](  Dau  S  Female  W  11  IL  At Home  IL  KY </div>
<div>**~Notes for Frank & Nancy's Children~**

3 Children</div>

<div> **JESSIE M.**  (b. Oct. 1856) MARRIED **CALLIE (b. Feb. 1866)** CHILDREN: DORSEY CALVIN (b. Dec. 3, 1898), ROBERT, GUY W. (b. Oct. 18, 1893), ORVAL D. (b. Sept. 13, 1895), MYRTLE (b. Oct. 1889) & FREDERICK</div>
<div> **CLARA** MARRIED **ROBERT BROOKS**: No Children</div>
<div> **FRANCIS** MARRIED **EMMA MARTIN** CHILDREN: JESSE BERNARD (b. March 25, 1883), RAPHAEL (Twin) (b. July 1892),</div>
<div>GODFREY (b. March 3, 1894), MARIE (Twin) (b. July 1892), RICHARD (b. Aug. 1886), & VIOLA</div>
<div> **VIOLA** MARRIED **WILLIAM LAWRENCE**: No Children</div>
<div> **GUY**  (b. Nov. 1871) MARRIED **IDA WATHEN (b. Oct. 11, 1872, d. 1952)** CHILDREN: PAUL, GOEBEL FLOYD (GABE) (b. April 2, 1900) , GALE & FRANK, (b. Nov. 27, 1896)</div>
<div> **CALVIN (b. April 1860)** MARRIED SARAH **ELIZABETH HALLIDAY (b. March 1862)** CHILDREN: CLARA (b. May 1897), PEARL (b. Nov. 1885), LOLA (b. Oct, 1882) , NELLIE (b. June 1886),  ROBERT (b. June 1889), MEDSCAR (b. Sept. 1882), RICHARD (b. 1900), FLOYD (b. 1904) & ALEX (b. Aug. 1894)</div>
<div> **LEWIS (b. Dec. 1869)** MARRIED ADDIE **BOWLIN/BOWLING (b. Feb. 1874)** CHILDREN: ETHEL (b. Dec. 1894), NANNY (b. Sept. 1897), CLYDE (b. Jan. 1900),</div>
<div>PAULINE (b. 1903), GLADYS (b. 1906), WILLIS (b. 1908), BLANCHE  (b. 1914)& MADELINE.</div>
<div>**Leavell Hill Cemetery** McLain, Jess M. 1854-1924, Caledonia "Callie" D. WIFE 1867-1919, Bertha, DAUGHTER 1896-1900 Bessie, b&d DAUGHTER 1899, Charles V., SON 1891-1895</div>
<div>**St, Joseph Cemetery** McLain, Raphael b. July 31, 1892, d. December 1975 WIFE: Mamie 1895-1969, Cedric Leo ? ~</div>
<div>**CIVIL WAR** McLain, Francis M. Regiment Name 98 Illinois Infantry Side Union Company K Soldier's Rank_In Pvt. Soldier's Rank_Out Pvt. ~</div>
<div>Frank McLain,  Residence [Cook County]( County&) IL;                                     </div>
<div>Enlisted on 8/13/1862 as a Private.                                                                         </div>
<div>On 9/5/1862 he mustered into "B" Co. [IL 127th Infantry ](,   He deserted on 11/10/1862 </div>

Godfrey MCLAIN
Birth Date: 3 Mar 1895
Death Date: 10 Sep 1988
Social Security Number: 331-16-0600
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Illinois

Birth Date: 31 Dec 1898
Death Date: 28 Jun 1988
Social Security Number: 347-32-5030
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Illinois

<div>Wills MCLAIN Birth Date: 14 Jan 1888 Death Date: Nov 1965 Social Security Number: 321-03-6070 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Illinois </div>