Project Blue Books: "Seeing something what probably aint."

Project Blue Books: "Seeing something what probably aint."


An account of the strange light seen by a private pilot during the summer of 1948 between Wytheville and Marion, VA.

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A UFO in Virginia - from the Project Blue Book reports.

  • Marion, VA.

In response to an article in the Post, probably in the spring of 1949, a private pilot reported seeing what he thought was a locomotive light as he was flying from Roanoke to Chilhowie, VA, one evening the previous summer. He compared the light to his own altitude and air speed, and looked for flying lights - but still could not determine what the thing was. After landing, he questioned the people at Chilhowie airport and they had no reports of any such thing. The pilot, in his letter, continued, "I didn't press the subject as I found it slightly embarassing."

He was most insistent that he did not believe in flying saucers, but also that he was not tired, weary or troubled by dreams at the time. He summed up his experience with these words, "This was my first experience at seeing something what probably aint"!

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