18 Feb 1907 1
Feb 1986 1

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Full Name:
Marguerite Gebhardt 1
18 Feb 1907 1
Feb 1986 1
Last Residence: Mandeville, LA 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Louisiana 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-1102 1

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Marguerite Southern Bell Telephone Pioneer

New Orleans, Louisiana

Marguerite was a Southern Bell Telephone Pioneer having worked in several of the New Orleans, Louisiana local offices through her career. Just before retiring and having what was then referred to as Evening Chief Operator title, Marguerite supervised many of the telephone operators in the Uptown section of New Orlean.

In those days offices were local to the communities and connected one part of the city with another and made local and international calls using the old fashioned telephone consoles we may remember seeing used by Lilly Tomlin on TV. Marguerite enjoyed her 34 yrs of service. She was married to Captain Henry Gebhardt of the New Orleans Louisiana fire department and live for over 50 years on Zimple Street in the uptown section of the city. 

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