Pvt Benjamin Franklin Harmony Army

Pvt Benjamin Franklin Harmony Army

Pvt Benjamin Franklin Harmony Army

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    • American Civil War Soldiersabout Benjamin HarmonyName: Benjamin HarmonyEnlistment Date: 23 Aug 1864Side Served: UnionState Served: PennsylvaniaService Record: Enlisted as a Private on 23 August 1864.Enlisted in Company F, 19th Cavalry Regiment Pennsylvania on 23 Aug 1864.Discharged from Company F, 19th Cavalry Regiment Pennsylvania on 1 Jun 1865.Sources: 18

    19th Cavalry Regiment Pennsylvania

      American Civil War Regiments Regiment: 19th Cavalry Regiment Pennsylvania Date of Organization: 1 Oct 1863 Muster Date: 14 May 1866 Regiment State: Pennsylvania Regiment Type: Cavalry Regiment Number: 19th Officers Killed or Mortally Wounded: 0 Officers Died of Disease or Accident: 3 Enlisted Killed or Mortally Wounded: 15 Enlisted Died of Disease or Accident: 106 Regimental Soldiers and History: List of Soldiers

      Regimental History
      (Three Years)

      Nineteenth Cavalry. - Col., Alexander Cummings; Lieut.-
      Cols., Joseph C. Hess, Frank Reeder; Majs., Amos J. Holahan,
      Norman M. Finlay, Charles F. Huston. The 19th cavalry, the
      180th regiment of the line, was recruited in Philadelphia with
      the exception of Cos. L and M from the counties of Huntingdon
      and Blair. It rendezvoused at Camp Stanton, Philadelphia, and
      was mustered into the U. S. service in June, July, Aug., Sept.
      and Oct., 1863, for three years. Most of the men and officers
      had seen previous service. It left for Washington early in
      November and on Dec. 3, reported to Gen. A. J. Smith at Colum-
      bus, Ky. Three days later it moved to Union City Tenn., where
      it was assigned to the 1st brigade, (Col Waring) of Gen. Grier-
      son's cavalry division. Lieut.-Col. Hess commanded the regi-
      ment, Col. Cummings being on detached service. Early in Feb.,
      1864, it moved with its division to Collierville, Tenn., whence
      it participated in a raid into Mississippi, proceeding as far
      as West Point, and assisted in destroying the railroad and im-
      mense stores of grain and cotton. On the 22nd it took part in
      a sharp engagement with the enemy at Okalona, Miss., and then
      returned without further interruption to Memphis. Its loss
      during the expedition was 15 killed, wounded and missing. On
      April 6, it was engaged for several hours with the troops under
      Forrest at Cypress swamp, Tenn., suffering some loss. Capt.
      Wenrick of Co. E was captured here and died in captivity. The
      regiment returned to Memphis on April 10 and the next few weeks
      were employed in scout and picket duty, details of the regiment
      being frequently sent out to harass the forces under Forrest.
      At the battle of Brice's cross-roads the 19th acted with the
      infantry, its losses being 15 in killed, wounded and missing.
      During July a detachment of 150 men was engaged with the forces
      under Gen. Slocum at the Big Black river, Port Gibson and Grand
      Gulf, Miss. In August it was engaged with Gen. A. J. Smith's
      forces against Forrest, at Coldwater, Oxford and Hurricane
      creek, Miss. In September, during Gen. Price's invasion of
      Missouri, it was active at Marion, Greensboro, Pilot knob, and
      the Big Blue river, returning to Memphis on Oct. 20. In Novem-
      ber it skirmished on the flank of Hood's army, marching towards
      Nashville, Co. F being desperately engaged at Nonconnah creek.
      Early in December it proceeded to Nashville and was assigned to
      Hammond's (1st) brigade, Knipe's (7th) division cavalry corps,
      under Gen. Wilson. It participated in the battle of Nashville
      and the pursuit of Hood's army, suffering some losses. During
      Hood's retreat, it was warmly engaged at Hollow Tree gap, where
      it delivered an impetuous charge and drove the enemy for 2
      miles. At Franklin, the same day, the 19th again charged and
      in the day's fighting captured 3 stands of colors and 350 pris-
      oners. It lost in killed, wounded and missing about 25, among
      the wounded being Maj. Holahan, Capts. Reeder and N. M. Smith
      and Acting-Adjt. Blackstone. Continuing the pursuit, it was
      again hotly engaged at Anthony's hill and Sugar creek, losing
      12 killed and wounded. The command was now much reduced in
      numbers and was consolidated early in Feb., 1865, into a bat-
      talion of six companies, the supernumerary officers being mus-
      tered out. On Feb. 8 the battalion started for New Orleans,
      arriving there March 9. On the 20th it moved to Baton Rouge
      and was engaged in picket and scouting duty until the middle of
      August. Meanwhile the battalion had been further reduced on
      June 13 to four companies. It served by detachments in Louisi-
      ana and Texas until April of the following year, when the four
      companies were reunited at New Orleans, performed provost duty
      there for a few weeks, and was finally mustered out on May 14,

      Source: The Union Army, vol. 1

      Battles Fought
      Fought on 30 Nov 1863 at Shawneetown, IL.
      Fought on 20 Jan 1864 at Moscow, AL.
      Fought on 29 Jan 1864.
      Fought on 3 Feb 1864.
      Fought on 16 Feb 1864.
      Fought on 18 Feb 1864.
      Fought on 10 Mar 1864.
      Fought on 3 Apr 1864.
      Fought on 8 Apr 1864 at Memphis, TN.
      Fought on 29 Apr 1864.
      Fought on 6 May 1864.
      Fought on 10 Jun 1864 at Guntown, MS.
      Fought on 11 Jun 1864 at Guntown, MS.
      Fought on 13 Jun 1864 at Guntown, MS.
      Fought on 24 Jul 1864.
      Fought on 23 Nov 1864 at Memphis, TN.
      Fought on 24 Nov 1864.
      Fought on 26 Nov 1864.
      Fought on 1 Dec 1864 at Franklin, TN.
      Fought on 15 Dec 1864 at Franklin, TN.
      Fought on 16 Dec 1864 at Nashville, TN.
      Fought on 17 Dec 1864 at Nashville, TN.
      Fought on 17 Dec 1864 at Holly Tree Gap, TN.
      Fought on 19 Dec 1864 at Near Hollow Tree Gap, TN.
      Fought on 22 Dec 1864 at Hollow Tree Gap, TN.
      Fought on 24 Dec 1864.
      Fought on 16 Feb 1865 at Nashville, TN.
      Fought on 15 Sep 1865 at Hickory, TX.
      Fought on 6 Dec 1865 at Jefferson, TX.