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He was a PFC in World War 1.  I didn't hear to many stories about his experiences, but he did lose hearing on one ear because of the sounds of gunfire.  His last job was a Registered Nurse in Rochester, New York and he retired in 1960, I believe.  At one point, he worked in shipyards (probably about World War 2), and at another point, drove a Mack truck.  No further details.  Late 1950s, he did piecework for Sears and Robuck, making bowstrings and possibly even bows and arrows.  I was very young at the time so I don't recall all of the details.  But considering he claimed to have a Native American heritage, that would explain those skills.

He was married twice, first to Betty.  I have no idea if there were any kids from that, and in about 1945 to Gertrude until he died in San Jacinto, CA on December 14, 1968.

He did take pride in announcing that he was half Tuscarora Indian and half Irish.  Considering his light brown hair (when he was younger) and blue eyes, I at least belive his Irish story.  He also stated that through adopted relationship, Jefferson Davis was in the family line.  Considering Jeff Davis had no children, it would be the only way that would be true.  And since he was born in 1895, it wasn't that far off from when Jeff Davis was president of the Confederate States, so it's very possibly true.

He died when I was 14.  He had three childern from his marriage with Gertrude (maiden name: Kaslow *family name from Russia, "Koslofsky").  The oldest, born in 1952 is Saundra Jane, middle (me) Gilbert (no middle initial) born in 1954, and Ollien Jay, born in 1955, all in Rochester, NY.

Jesse Lee Davis was born in Covington, Tennessee (Tipton Country) on March 1, 1895.  I have no more information about him at this time.

Gil Davis
Son of Jesse Lee Davis
Age 54 as of 3-29-2009 when this was submitted.

If you would like to contact me, please do.  My email address is <a>[email protected]</a>.  Love to hear from you.

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