Company I 51st Illinois Infantry

15 Nov 1844 1
Warren County New Jersey 1
13 Jan 1914 1
Canton, Fulton County, Illinois 1

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Personal Details

15 Nov 1844 1
Warren County New Jersey 1
Male 1
13 Jan 1914 1
Canton, Fulton County, Illinois 1
Burial Place: Greenwood Cemetery, Canton IL 1
Physical Description:
Height: 5'11" 1
Eye Color: Blue 1
Hair Color: Black 1
Mother: Annie Leydi 1
Father: Sheddrick Michael Baylor 1
Nellie McCoy 1
10 Feb 1887 1
Farmington, Fulton County, Illinois 1
Spouse Death Date: 1931 1

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Illinois Civil War Detail Report

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Illinois Civil War Detail Report


Name BAYLOR, JAMES K Rank PVT Company I Unit 51 IL US INF


Personal Characteristics Residence BUCKHART, FULTON CO, IL Age 20 Height 5' 11 Hair BLACK Eyes BLUE Complexion DARK Marital Status   Occupation FARMER Nativity NJ


Service Record Joined When FEB 25, 1865 Joined Where CANTON, IL Joined By Whom HENRY AUGUSTINE Period 1 YR Muster In MAR 10, 1865 Muster In Where CAMP BUTLER, IL Muster In By Whom   Muster Out SEP 25, 1865 Muster Out Where CAMP IRWIN, TX Muster Out By Whom CPT WILSON

James Kip Baylor

Baylor, James Kip—Civil War Pension Application, National Archives, Washington, DC:

Born 15 October 1844 in Warren County, New Jersey. Married Nellie L. McCoy in 

Farmington (Fulton) Illinois on 10 February 1887. James was 43 years old at the time of 

his marriage. Nellie was born 14 September 1853. Their child: William McCoy born 13 

December 1887. 

He suffered a severe cold on a “steamboat or ship from New Orleans, Louisiana to 

Texas,” resulting in typhoid fever and leading to paralysis of the right side of his head 

and face with impairment to his eyesight, especially that of the right eye. He stated this 

was caused by sleeping on the top of the ship near the smokestack and the changes from 

extreme heat to cold resulted in a severe cold. At Texas he was taken to the hospital with 

acute pain in the back of his head and neck and stayed there for 6-8 weeks. “I had 2 large 

‘gatherings’ one at the base of each ear which resulted in the paralysis of right side of my 

face, effecting my ear and eye. I cannot close my right eye.” –James K. Baylor, 1900 

In 1897 they resided in Norris (Fulton) Illinois. James died 13 January 1914 at Canton 

(Fulton) Illinois. Burial at Greenwood Cemetery (Fulton) Illinois.

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