Gone but never forgotten. (23 June, 1970 - 3 Jan. 2012) Curt was 41.

23 Jun 1970 1
Wisc. 1
03 Jan 2012 1
Cottonwood, AZ 1

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Personal Details

23 Jun 1970 1
Wisc. 1
Male 1
03 Jan 2012 1
Cottonwood, AZ 1
Cause: Heart Attack 1
Mother: Eileene 1
Father: Roy 1
Employer: Master Craftsman/Artist 1
Position: Journeyman Tile-setter 1
Place: Many Places 1

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"Curt" Curtis Roy Barkely

Cottonwood AZ

CURT:  Life is eternal and love is immortal; And death is only a horizon, And a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. Rossiter W. Raymond

Curtis R. Barkley
June 23, 1970 - January 3, 2012
Resided in Cottonwood, AZ

Curtis Roy Barkley , 41, of Cottonwood passed away suddenly January 3, 2012. He was born June 23, 1970 in LaCross, Wisconsin, the son of Roy F. and Eileene D. Barkley.
He was a graduate of Glendale schools and Prescott High School.
Curt worked as a tile setter for Main Place Floor & Window, for Carpet One and for the last few years he was self employed. He was known for his beautiful tile work all over the state.
He was a member New Hope Christian Fellowship. Curt enjoyed fishing, camping and building things from wood.
He leaves his parents Roy & Eileen Barkley of Cottonwood; brother Garry Barkley of Chino, California; sister Linda Pratte of Phoenix; nephews Dusty, Brad, Brian and Cody; nieces Mandi and Bree.
A gathering for Curt's friends and family will be held on Saturday, January 28 at the Barkley home, 1521 S. Viejo Dr., Cottonwood from 1-5 PM. All are welcome.

Curt Barkley

Prescott, AZ

I remember Curt, he seemed "smaller", but he was only the youngest of the bacth. . . . I am Barbi and my own girls were Donna and Bambi, BAMBI being about 4 years older made Curt seem like an annoyance. . . . . the "younger tag-a-long kind of kid.

  But then, I remember a few times when he wondered up to our Cabin, actually just above the Barkley's cabin but to get there you had to walk around.  He was this typical nosy, talkative kind of kid and a joy to be around.  Truly.

  One day it seemed like he had gotten trouble for everything!  OK, not everything. . . . Curt was horsing around on the porch, tipping his folding chair up to the balancing point when it collapsed and Curt vanished right through the small space under the permanent seeting built into the railing!  It was a fair drop but a screaming kid is not a gonner!!!!

   We carried him home and thankfully, Curt ONLY had a sprained toe and foot!


Bear One and Honey Bear (Paul and Barbi Connolly)


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