Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
George G Weit 1
Buried: Missing in Action or Buried at Sea<BR>Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu Memorial<BR>Honolulu, Hawaii 1
Death: 8-Apr-45 1
Death Date: 08 Apr 1945 1
Memorial Cemetery: Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu Memorial 1
Memorial Country: Honolulu, Hawaii 1
Memorial Location: Missing in Action or Buried at Sea 1
State: California 1

World War II 1

Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces 1
Service Number:
2071849 1
Army Air Corps 1

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George Weit's Life

Pittsfield, Mass

George Weit was born to Ferdinand Grossman (born in Hungary) & Resel "Roseline" Weit (born in Poland)

George was the second of 3 boys. He had an older brother William "Bill" who lived in Montauk & and younger brother Robert"Bob" who ended up living in California, where Roseline ended up as well.  George was extremely talented & went to school at The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He painted like Van Gogh & he made tinly glass perfume bottles. He also designed women't gowns.

The childrens last names were changed from Grossman to Weit in about 1938 when their Mother left their Father. He was engaged  in 1945, he was well on his way to becoming very successful designer when his life was cut short, by this unfortunate accident. 

It has been told to me that since there was no body, Roseline waited every day until she passed away in 1976 waiting for him to come home. When she died, she was cremated as she wanted her ashes to be scattered in the Pacific so she could be with her son.


This was actually created by Karen Silver-Catania - George's Mother Roseline was my Great Aunt.

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