Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Seaman, Second Class, U.S. Navy 1
1921 2
Cumberland, Oklahoma 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Garland Shelby Eddington 2
Full Name:
Garland S Eddington 1
1921 2
Cumberland, Oklahoma 2
Male 2
Buried: Missing in Action or Buried at Sea<BR>Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu Memorial<BR>Honolulu, Hawaii 1
Death: 18-Jun-44 1
Death Date: 18 Jun 1944 1
Memorial Cemetery: Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu Memorial 1
Memorial Country: Honolulu, Hawaii 1
Memorial Location: Missing in Action or Buried at Sea 1
State: Oklahoma 1
Mother: Gladys Bain 2
Father: James Shelby Edington 2

World War II 1

Seaman, Second Class, U.S. Navy 1
Service Number:
8487878 1
Purple Heart - Buried at Sea 1
United States Naval Reserve 1

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Garland Shelby Eddington

Saipan, Mariana Islands

Garland Shelby Eddington, was born circa 1924, in Cumberland, Marshall County, Oklahoma to James Shelby Eddington and Gladys Bain.

During WWII, he enlisted in the Naval Reserve (serial # 08487878) and was assigned as a Gunner, Seaman 2nd Class (S2C), aboard a USS Landing Craft Infantry-Guns (Hull # LCI-347) in the Southwest Pacific Theatre of Operations.

On 15 June 1944, during the approach to the beach at Saipan, his LCI came under heavy enemy mortar fire. S2C Eddington was mortally wounded by shrapnel.

Killed In Action: he died at 2130hrs on Sunday 18 June 1944, while on a LST Hospital ship, and was buried at sea.

1940 US Census

Marshall County, Oklahoma

Reference 1940 US Census:

Father: James Shelby Eddington

Mother: Gladys 'Bain' Eddington

4 sons:

1. John W. Eddington

2. Garland S. Eddington

3. Hughlan Eddington

4. Carl Eddington


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