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World War II

    11th Group B-24 crews flying Midway to Wake. The B-24 "Cabin in the Sky" went down July 24, 1943 on a mission from Midway to Wake Island.  The flight was pursued by Zeros as they moved off of Wake. One Zero went out of control and passed by this aircraft and collided with the B-24's tail. The left rudder and elevator were knocked off in the collision, and the Liberator fell to crash in the ocean.

    From MACR report: 314

    7th Air Force, 11th Bomber Grp (H), 42nd Bomb Squadron

    Departed: Midway Island

    Destination: Midway Island – (updated in ink)Wake

    Mission: Combat

    Date: 07/24/43 Time: 1130 GCT

    Location: 80 miles from Wake Island

    Aircraft: B-24D Serial Number: 42-40676

    Ship Number: 676

    Eye witness report in another B-24 in the formation: “Ship number 676 was flying number four position in the formation of five ships. We were flying lead ship and immediately after turning off target, we were attacked by approximately twenty-five Zeros. During the course of attack of 676 and for reasons unknown, crashed into the left rudder and vertical stabilizer of 676. 676 then spiraled to the left until it exploded on impact with the water. No personal were seen to leave the ship. Tracers from the waist gun were observed until the ship hit the water. “1st Lt Air Corps