Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Edward P Thornton 1
Buried: Buried at: Plot H Row 12 Grave 40<BR>Sicily-Rome American Cemetery<BR>Nettuno, Italy 1
Death: 15-May-44 1
Death Date: 15 May 1944 1
Memorial Cemetery: Sicily-Rome American Cemetery 1
Memorial Country: Nettuno, Italy 1
Memorial Location: Plot H Row 12 Grave 40 1
State: Massachusetts 1

World War II 1

Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces 1
Service Number:
20109065 1
Purple Heart 1
446th Bomber Squadron, 321st Bomber Group, Medium 1

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Sgt Edward Thornton, 321stBG,446thBS, KIA May'44

Corsica, France

Hometown Newspaper; Sgt Ed Thornton, KIA
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Sgt Edward Thornton; KIA 15 May,'44, his Brother/James M (a Marine) KIA also, 3 July, 1944.


321stBG,446thBS, Sgt. Edward P Thornton, KIA 15 May, 1944 Walsh LOSS;  

Monday, 15 May 1944

HQ 321st BG Mission Summary: (Ops Order 332/mission 331)  Group Mission # 291:


321st BG Mission No 291      Date: 15 May 44         No A/C completing mission:  4 

Squadrons:     445-0               446-2                           447-2               448-0 

Target:  Nickeling mission – Velletri, Porte Corvo and Fondi, Italy.

Time OFF:                             T.O.T.:   1600             Time Down:  

446th BS George Walsh, Pilot of "Peg O'My Heart" #42-32394 (Named after his wife)
Fatal Crash unpon Landing from Mission, Ship #42-32429 (Flamingo)  (KIA 15 May'44) 

321stBG,446thBS "Flamingo" # 42-32429 /Fatal CRASH 15 May '44
Lt Geo.Walsh, Pilot, crash landed, at the home-base, hitting the runway, the plane exploded and burned. All Died.

P) Geo. Walsh,

CP) Roy Lee,

B) Lt Harry B Wilcox, Jr.

E) L. Shellhamer,

R/G) J. Raymond Orechia,

E)  Ed Thornton.

446th BS War Diary:   The squadron loses Lt. George Walsh, Lt. Harry B. Wilcox, Lt. Roy W. Lee, Technical Sergeant James Orechia, Staff Sgt. E.P. Thornton and Staff Sgt. Lawrence Shellhamer in a crash landing at our field.  A crash landing was made and the plane burned upon striking the ground with all members of the crew killed. 





A/C No.  42-32429 “Flamingo” (crash landing at base – all KIA) P) Walsh, George F., 1Lt CP) Lee, Roy N., 2Lt N) None B) Wilcox, Harry Bradway, Jr., 2Lt E) Shellhamer, Lawrence (NMI), S/Sgt R) Orechia, James Raymond “Raymond”, T/Sgt G) Thornton, Edward P., S/Sgt

321st Bomb Group Historical Research Team;  John T Fitzgerald, Patti Johnson, Barbi Ennis Connolly (321st BG Historian)





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