Winfred W Tolbert

Winfred W Tolbert

World War II

Killed in Italy

  • Bologna, ITaly

T/Sgt Winfred W. Tolbert

Service Company, 310th Engineer Battalion 
85th "Custer" Infantry Division

Tech/Sergeant Winfred W. Tolbert served with 85th Custer Division in 310th Engineer Combat Battalion, Headquarters and Service Company.

As the 85th Infantry Division advanced northwest from Bologna, past San Gionvanni, it approached their first major river: Panora River.  Just prior to reaching the Panora River, they entered teh town of Sant' Agata Bolognese on 21 April, 1945.

Tech Sergeant Winfred W. Tolbert, Company B, 310th Engineers was killed in action in this small town.  He was riding on a jeep and they stopped and dismounted.  One of the enemy came around the corner riding a motorcycle, and, with a burst of fire from his machine pistol, gravely wounded him.

Prior Service in the US Marines

    Winfred first served his country with the Marines from 1937 to 1941.  He served on the U.S.S. Texas and U.S.S. New York and traveled to Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  He was a bandsman and played the trumpet.  His enlistment was completed in November 1941.   By March 1942, he was back home working with his brother, Ross, in the oil fields in Alice, Texas.