Conflict Period:
World War I 1
Private, U.S. Army 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Sam Lane 1
Buried: Buried at: Plot G Row 19 Grave 34<BR>Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery<BR>Romagne, France 1
Death: 6-Nov-18 1
Death Date: 06 Nov 1918 1
Memorial Cemetery: Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery 1
Memorial Country: Romagne, France 1
Memorial Location: Plot G Row 19 Grave 34 1
State: Pennsylvania 1

World War I 1

Private, U.S. Army 1
319th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division 1

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Samuel Lane of Summers County ,WV and Jerome, Pa.

Summers County, West Virginia

Samuel Lane, son of Marion Frances Lane and Elizabeth Lilly, born Pipestem, Summers County, West Virginia. His sister, my Great Grandmother, Laura Belle Lane Shumate was his main contact while with the Army. I have at least one letter from Samuel to "Belle" Shumate from France to West Virginia. Samuel had moved to Jerome,  Pennsylvania where he worked in the coal mines prior to joining the Army. He played baseball for recreation in Pennsylvania as did many miners in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. One of my brothers has the letter and Memorial papers with Woodrow Wilson's signature. The soldier papers concerning his death is a beautiful paper. Their is a Memorial in Hinton , West Virginia to the soldiers of WWI however Sam's name is not listed. I suppose this was because he had moved as an adult to Jerome, Pa. and eventually joined the Army there.

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