Arnold Sellars

Arnold Sellars

Lt. Arnol Sellers (Jr.) P-47

  • Tulsa, OKLA.

7 April, 1930 CENSUS;  OKLAHOMA

Arnol I Sellers, Sr. (35) and Alice F Sellars (33) were living in Tulsa, Okla. (Kirkpatrick Heights) in 1930 on East Jasper Street.  They had a son of 5 years of age, Arnol I Sellars, Jr.

7 April, 2013;  Arnol is helping Research with the Historians of WWII in the MTO who are attempting to find and place every man, regardless of what he flew in or helped with.  THIS is Arnol's STORY :)

To Barbi Ennis Connolly - 319th and 321st BG Historian and Historical Researcher in the 57th Bomb Wing (B-25 Medium Bombers)  Barbi's dad/Edward C Ennis (1914-2005),  321st BG, B-25 RADAR/ Radio/ Aerial Gunner out of North Africa and Italy, 1943-44)  Also sub for sevral Combat Missions as a Bombardier Toggler!

Barbi - Nice to hear a message from a Bomber historian. I was a P-47 pilot in the 522nd FBS in Italy, starting in Oct 44 I hear a lot about fighter history, but almost never sbout medium bombers. Most of my work was dive bombing and strafing ground targets, but twice we were assigned to escort B-25s. It was wierd, in a way - - - we were to escort them to about 75 miles before their target, then pull out ahead and bomb and strafe the flak so they wouldn't have so much junk coming up when they got there. Problem was we had such an external armament load,plus external fuel, that we could barely keep up with them en route, much less pull very far ahead on the target. They were pretty,though, all formed up like that. Post war, I was in a National Guard P-51 outfit, and we had our summer camp in 1947 at Enid Oklahoma, which was still a B-25 training base. That was the first time I had been very close while B-25's were milling about in the pattern, and the first time I ever heard how strange they sounded, clattering around. Apparently they got the job done very well, however. Regards, Arnol Sellars  (God Bless our brave men - Barbi)

27thFG, 522thFS, P-47 Lt Sellars, Pilot/Shot-down

  • Germany

**MACR # 13649 for LOSS on 2 April,1945.  Lt Arnol I Sellars was the Pilot of a P-47 D (30RA) of the 27th Fighter GROUP, the 527th Fighter Squadron out of Ochey, France. **

P-47 #44-33066 was on the way to Heilbronn, Germany (Mission; Armed Recce)   10/10 visibility, shot down in the area of approx. 10  miles out from the Target/Heilbronn, Germany.

Fighter Pilot Lt Robert L Donavan reported that "Pilot was last seen going through overcast at R-9067.   Approx 10 miles out of Heilbroon, the flight encountered light, intense and accurate FLAK.

Yellow flight Lt Sellars, flying Yellow #2 position said he was hit and had to bail-out..... he affirmed the direction and in Lt Donavan's opinion, he was just-barely inside friendly territory.  Lt Donavan did not see the chute but stated that Lt Sellars was about 7 miles West/North West of Heilbronn, Germany.

12th Air Force, Padua, Italy - Ponterden, Italy Base on 11 Feb. 1945.  The GROUP would move up to Ochey, France next. (Where Arnol Sellers was based out of when he was shot-down 2 April, 1945.

Barbi Ennis Connolly <a></a>  57th BW Historical Researcher and Historian/ MTO  B-25 Mitchell Medium Bombers.

P-47 LOSSES Germany

  • Germany

P-47 LOSS;

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Member 346th FS, 350th FG flying jugs out of Pisa, Italy. 1944-45

Posted By: Henry E.Tatum (<a></a>) on 11/26/2000 3:32:58 PM EST

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On November 11, 2000 the wreckage of a P-47 Thunderbolt was dug out near BERNBRUNN, a little village in South Germany. Bernbrunn is situated between HEIDELBERG and HEILBRONN, east of the NECKAR River. The inhabitants insits on the opinion that the pilot never was recovered and that the pilot is still in his plane. I don’’t share this opinion. As I know it, each american soldier KIA was recovered and buried. The P-47 crashed on April 2, 1945 at noon time or early afternoon. The results of the recovery were: a few human bones, a lighter (initials: GAB but not engraved),smallest parts of a uniform and parts of the headgear with parts of the right headphone and a automatic colt.45. I researched the american losses of the XII TAC on April 2,1945 as well as the losses of April 1, 1945. The only losses at the XII TAC on APRIL 2,1945, had been with the 27th FIGHTER BOMBER GROUP. You can read in the Daily Mission Report for April 2, 1945: .... AO 69 8 a/c off at 1200 on ground controlled strafing mission. In area between R-8367 and R-9786, formation received intense, light flak causing loss of 3 planes. Other 5 planes landed 1400. Flak: Intense, Light, Accurate from R-8367, R-9068 and R-9786. The distance from R-9786 (flak hit) to the place of the crash is only a few kilometers. The following pilots who didn’’t return to their base Toul/Ochey in France, had been: 1. 2nd Ltn. Arnold I. Sellars (O-720937) 2. 1st Ltn. William J. Hay (O-821621),3. Robert P. Jones (O-825446). All three were then reported MIA. A Research Group (MACR’’s and Data Casualty) told me via E-Mail, that Ltn. Hay was POW and survived the war. Ltn. Sellars is not in the Database, so he also might have survived the war. But 1st Ltn ROBERT P.JONES was declared KIA and buried (information from the Research Group). The red coloured spinner of the a/c indicates, that these 3 officers may have belonged to the 522nd Fighter Bomber Squadron/27th Fighter Bomber Group. Can anyone confirm the recovery and burial of Ltn. Jones and tell me the place where he is buried. It my be of interest to you, that after the revovery work of the few relics a Divine Service was celebrated and a LORDS PRAYER was spoken. A former German Fighter Pilot (FW-190) who served in Italy - but not involved in this loss- laid down some red and yellow roses. He held a short speech to honour this unknown american soldier and former enemy as a man, ho had to do his duty for his country as well as he and his comrades of the German Air Force had to do their duty. I feel very obliged to anyone,who can anything tell about this mission especially the fate of 1st Ltn Robert P.Jones. It would be great, if pictures of these 3 pilots and their planes could be made available to me. Please E-Mail or write me. Günter Beck, Kirschenrain 4, 71717 Beilstein, Germany*&c=_incGuestbookList.cfm&pStartRow=1304

Posted By: Günter Beck     on 11/26/2000 6:02:33 AM EST

the man

    Along with my late Father in Law, I would have to add Arnol to one of thr great men I have known in my life. I have known Arnol and his late wife Betty for over 30 years.He is a true gentleman and a "hero"in his generation along with many many others. I look up to him fpr his service to his country and his church, and as a talented former process engineer. His late wife was a wonderful artist in many different medias and my house is full of her work. She was (and is in my heart and the hearst of many) a humble and dedicated "doer" in this world. She is greatly missed. To look at Arnol, you still see the hot shot "fly-boy" of the great war, and wonder what it must of been like to handle that giant P-47 or later the powerful acrobatic P-51 that he flew as his part of his duty for his country. Your are the best Arnol. It has been and continues to be a priviledge sir. Your friend, Rod Dent