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  1. Contributed by pushyjones


Gardens of Stone


-Gardens of Stone -
What warrior having walked through the gardens of stone
Will not carry the heart of darkness
And cry bitterness upon the ground of fallen comrades

What man bearing arms in any just cause can fail to mourn
The corrupt and decaying remains of other men
Those he loved with ease but even those he perhaps despised

Who having fought will not find a well of tears within his soul
In the solemn and haunted corridors of silent monument
And water that heroes' hallowed ground with the moisture of sorrow

Will any but the aged and weary fighters from bygone wars and days
See the shadows and hear the whispers of fallen friends
Strolling quietly amongst the stark white markers of their graves

And how many more young men in vain will stand and cry out for them
"I am the Sword of God, come to give you justice."
Then follow them blindly through the mists, to rest in the gardens of stone
 - Sept 14th 2001 by Herb McCree

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