Son of J. T. Clements and Margaret Louisa (Lou) Chamberlain, of Burnet Co., TX. Husband of Winn M. (Winnie) Blankenship, whom he married in 1962. He graduated with a B.A. from Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX, in 1929, and in 1938 he received an L.L.B. degree from the University of Houston Law School. The same year, he was admitted to the TX bar. Two years later, he became a special agent for the FBI, serving in this capacity from 1940 to 1970. He was instrumental in the investigation of the JFK assassination, having had extensive contact both with Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby and having worked closely with the Warren Commission. He is interviewed in the Warren Report and mentioned multiple times. After retiring from the FBI, he served as assistant attorney general for the TX state division of crime prevention in Austin.

27 Dec 1908 1
Burnet Co., TX 1
21 Nov 1990 1
Hays Co., TX 1

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Personal Details

Also known as:
Emanuel C. Clements 1
27 Dec 1908 1
Burnet Co., TX 1
Male 1
21 Nov 1990 1
Hays Co., TX 1
Burial Place: Wimberley Cem., Wimberley, Hays Co., TX 1
Mother: Margaret Louisa (Lou) Chamberlain 1
Father: John Thomas (J. T.) Clements, Sr. 1
Winn M. (Winnie) Blankenship 1
28 Nov 1962 1
Spouse Death Date: 25 Jun 1992 1
FBI Special Agent; Lawyer 1

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Manning Chamberlain Clements: A Brief Chronology

1908:                Born, Burnet Co., TX  (27 Dec.)

1910:                Census, Burnet Co., TX  (listed with parents)

1920:                Census, Burnet Co., TX  (listed with parents)

1929:                B.A., Southwestern Univ., Georgetown, TX

1929-1935:        Employed, Jesse H. Jones Properties, Houston, TX

1935-1940:        Employed, United Gas Corp., Houston, TX

1938:                L.L.B., Univ. of Houston Law School

1938:                Admitted, TX Bar  (10 Sep.)

1940-1970:        Special Agent, FBI

1950:                Admitted to U.S. Supreme Ct. bar

1952:                Assigned to FBI Dallas office

1962:                Married, Winn M. Blankenship  (28 Nov.)

1963-64, 1967:  Resident of Dallas  (in 1964, testifies his place of residence is 5542                                    Montrose Drive, Dallas, TX)

1963:                Involved in investigation of JFK assassination in Dallas on 22 Nov.; interviewed Lee Harvey Oswald on 22 Nov.; put in charge of Ruby squad  (Nov., Dec.)

1964:                Testified before Warren Commission, Dallas, TX  (8 Apr., 10:15 am)

1970:                Asst. Atty. Gen., Austin, TX, Div. of Crime Prevention; Editor, Atty. Gen.'s Crime Prevention Newsletter

1971:                Purchased with wife land in Wimberley, Hays Co., TX, from J.A. and Rose Caballero  (1 Jul.)

1976:                Successful Plaintiff with wife in Lawsuit against J.A. and Rose Caballero regarding land in Wimberley, TX, purchased from them in 1971  (5 May)

1980:                Resident with wife of Wimberley, Hays Co., TX; law practice

1990:                Died, Hays Co., TX  (21 Nov.)

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