Randall Earl Perry

Randall Earl Perry

Vietnam War · US Army · Corporal

Randall Pery

  • Dayton Tennessee

Randall was in my class in high school. He was a nice looking young man and a gentleman. Randall was somewhat a quiet person, never causing any trouble. I remember him as being smart in school and making good grades.

On thing I will never forget about Randall is a conversation I had with his dad several years after Randall was killed. I worked in an insurance office and Randall's parents were insured there. I rememeber one day his dad came in and we had talked before so he knew Randall and I were in the same class in school.  He started telling me that Randall had his eye on a vehicle and he wanted it really bad. His dad said he knew he was headed to Vietnam and he knew he would not come back alive.  Randall's family was like most of us, not wealthy people but his dad said he intended for him to have that vehicle if there was any way possible to get it. He did get the vehicle and his dad was right, Randall didn't come back alive. He paid the ultimate price like so many other young people.

I have been to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC and looked up Randall's name. That wall will jerk your heart right out of your body. Impossible to fight back the tears. My husband also spend a year in Vietnam, and he was one of the fortunate ones that came home with all his limbs.

I pay tribute to all those that served. Charlotte Edmondson

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