Albert Tsosie

Albert Tsosie

Vietnam War · US Marine Corps · Lance Corporal

    Vietnam Wall Panel coords 08W 009

    Serial Number 527768556

    Start of Tour 02/07/1970

    Thank you Marine for your service to this great nation and to our Corps...

      THE WALL

      S__tanding here in front of the Wall
      silently reading your name
      solemnly I thank you one and all
      Each of you different, yet the same

      The list seems forever endless
      but I remember your faces
      you made the supreme sacrifice, I confess
      as I walk slowly with measured paces

      Each one of you answered the call
      willingly or not, you gave your lives
      Rest easy, my Brothers - heroes all
      The Nation still survives

      "War drew us from our homeland

      In the sunlit springtime of our youth.

      Those who did not come back alive remain

      _ in perpetual springtime -- forever young --_

      And a part of them is with us always."

      --- Author Unknown ---

      _ God Bless  You                  _