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Ligus Family

The story and history of the Ligus family in the United States is and will be a continuing story per say. The Ligus family has ite history but maybe, not beginning in Poland and for now in Kukow, Poland. Our grandparents, Francisczek (Frank) Ligus and others were born in Kukow. Franciszek married Anna Penczak of Zarnowka, Poland married on xxxxx' Not much was known about our family that people talked about nor, for that matter, volunteered. We knew Grandpa (Djiadjia)came to the US in 1912 thru the port of Baltimore Maryland. He came with friends (See--) and migrated to Salamanca to rent an apartment at 34 East State Street in Salamanca, NY. After he established a residence here he worked for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad as a carman. This position may need to be corrected. After a couple years to establish himself he saved money for his wife Anna to get passage,again, thru Baltimore in 1914 and arrive in Salamanca NY. The rest continue from here.


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Also known as: Initial arrival in Baltimore and than Salamanca NY 1
Name: US Arrival 1912 1

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