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The Assumption Of The Life Of Andrew White

This was written in August of 2007 with some updates

Andrew WHITE was believed to have came into Howard County MO from VA.

It's not for sure if he came from Montgomery County KY or Madison County VA

BLAKEY Slave owners came from Orange and Middlesex County in VA.

Andrew was born around 1810/1813/1818 ...Mostly likely in VA not KY

Andrew's parents could have been slaves owned by wealthy John W. WHITE Sr.from VA.

Andrew was perhaps given to Frances (WHITE) BLAKEY

around 1830's- 1840's as a wedding gift.

Andrew was with John and Frances BLAKEY

around the time of John's death 25 August 1844 in Howard Co MO.


Andrew was listed on probate records dated 5 January 1858.

7 other slaves which were assumed to have been Andrew's slave family:

wife, Julia and children


Andrew's where-about after 1858 is unknown.

A bill of sells between 1 March 1858 - June 1859 could be some help.

Andrew may have not been sold with his slave family.


There has been no evidence of Andrew in Chariton County MO

in marriage records 1865-1880

Andrew WHITE born ca 1818 not on 1880 Census Records for MO.


Julia was listed as a widow on the 1880 census in Howard County.

There wasn't much mention in oral history about Andrew.

During the early family reunion the mother's and father's names were not known.


We can assume that the slave family did reunite after slavery.

Most of them returned to the Forest Green MO area.

The mother and some of her children are buried there.


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