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Who Was Spencer White?

There is little known about Spencer White.

What I've discovered came from census records,
a slave advertisement letters from relatives and a family history booklet.
According to the 1880 census Spencer was born about 1852 in Missouri.
On the 1900 census he was born about 1855.
The slave ad, he was born about 1852.

Spencer was married to Malinda Banks who was born about 1858.
They was married in Glasgow, Howard County in Missouri.
City Hale was listed on the marriage record.
Perhaps they were married at City Hall.

Spencer and Malinda has three daughters.
Benette White
Ceola White Reed
Sallie White

According to the 1900 census record Spencer was married to a Lou ? who was born about 1865. According to a census record they were married about in 1895. Lou had no children,

The year of Spencer's death is unknown. Spencer was born a slave to Frances White Blakey. Spencer was a day laborer. He spoke English.

Spencer didn't live too far from one of his slaveholder's son, Yelverster C. Blakey. Also Kelly and Jannie Reed lived on College St with the Whites. Perhaps Spencer's daughter, Ceola married on of the Reed's sons.

There was a Missouri Death record on a Spencer White, a laborer was born July 15, 1856 in MO. This Spencer's parents were Ander White and Julia Finney, both from born in MO. Spencer's wife was Fannie. Spencer was buried in Molbery, Missouri in Oakland Cemetery

Special Note:
I have searched 1910 census record in Randolph County Missouri. This Spencer's parents were born on Virginia. I don't know if Spencer remarried.

This Spencer only married once. He was listed with two daughters. Emely (Emily) White born about 1880 and Lucier (Lucile) White born 1901. Lucile ? perhaps a granddaughters. Emily had one child.

I hope that this is helpful to the descendants of Spencer White. Or maybe one of the descendant can share more to this lineage

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