KIA during WWI, Charlie was a B-25 Combat Pilot in the MTO

1918 1
Florida 1

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1918 1
Florida 1
Male 1
Burial Date: 31 Mar 2017 1
Burial Place: Ar Sea 1

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Lt Charlie McKinney

North Afrca

321stBG,448thBS, Lt Charles;

Lt Charles McKinney was shot-down on his 4th Cmbat Mission out of North Africa.

Wednesday, 31 March 1943

448th BS Mission Summary: (Ops Order 16/mission 15) Group Mission # 15: Mission 11 (15): At 12:45 15 planes off to bomb on sea sweep, 14 dropped 84 x 500 bombs. 12 planes back at 17:05. One landed at Bone. Met convoy, lower element (48) claims M/V broken in two, one M/V left sinking, one left burning. 4 E/A destroyed. About 50 E/A attacked 2 B-25’s (Lts: Hess and McKinney) shot down. Intense, heavy accurate flak, balloon barrage. Bombing was at 100-200 feet. Weather: Clear. F/L: Cook and Veum.

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