Marijane Lehr  (1920)

Marijane Lehr (1920)

World War II · US Army
World War II (1939 - 1945)
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World War II

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United States of America

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Stories about Marijane Lehr (1920)

    WWII - Army -WAC Marijane (Trotter) Lehr -

    WAC years between 1939-1948


    4th CO.3rd Reg First WAAC Training Center, Des Moines, IA APR#4

    Lowry Field, ARMY AIR BASE, DENVER, CO



    Birth: September 27, 1920 Centralia, Lewis, WA, USA Death: May 21, 2007 (86) Carol Stream, DuPage, IL, USA Immediate Family:

    Daughter of Erwin Cecil Trotter (1888-1977) Born in Neche, ND before ND was a state; (WWI-Army fought in France near Paris during the war.) Before and after the war he was a Scalier for Lumber CO. in the Cascades area of WA, OR, & Canada. Mildred Mae (Mersdorf) Trotter (1893-1992)She was born in Napoleon, Logan, ND, USA, Was a One room School house teacher Both were Cremated ashes are located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast near, Monterey, Monterey, California, United States

    Wife of "Duffy" Duane W. Lehr (1920-1991) Find A Grave Memorial# 66111471

    Mother of Vl Beck (1952-___) and Maria Jean Lehr (1954-1954 (1day))

    Sister of Kenneth LeRoy Trotter Find A Grave Memorial# 44478341 Ken fought in Germany during WWII and had his Legs frozen at the Battle of the Bulge. Marijane was born and grew up in the north wood of Washington and Oregon. Where she would play and go to school in many of the Logging camps while her father Erwin Trotter worked. When WWII broke out both her and her Brother Kenneth joined the Army

    Marijane was an Army WAC during WWII She became a Photographer and worked for a number of News papers honing her craft. She also became a pilot of small planes like Piper and Cessna which she loved doing barrel rolls and Loop to Loops.

    In 1951 she married Duane W. Lehr then became a mother. They met on the streets of Seattle He worked at the local radio station in Everett and it turned out she was working for the local paper in the same town. Duane was a trumpet player from the big band era and a WWII Vet also. As a result of his history with both he landed a great job with The Marian Band the Presidents own thanks to President Kennedy campaigning in the town of Coquille, OR. I am not sure why the band was with him but they were. Dad was working for the local paper at the time and setting up shows for the town's people. The next thing we knew we were off to D.C. The job turned out to be exhausting with all the travel Dad would have to do to set up the schedule for the Band to play. He would have to travel from town to town by car to make sure everything was just right for The Marian Band's visit. But he did get to know all the band members at the time. We would spend many summer evening sitting and watching and listening to the band play in the band shell located along the tidal basin of the Potomac behind the Lincoln Memorial. With Marijane's photography and flying history both before and after Duane's job brought the family to the D.C. area she ended up getting her dream job which she loved. She became a cartographer working for Army Map Service Army Topcon [ ] What a blessing it turned out to be. While there she got a chance to help in designing the map for the first Moon Landing. They would match the strips of photos came back from Rangers the unmanned rockets would send back. From the photos being laid out in such a way they would create the maps. She would bring home some of the photo's which were about 22x18 in sizes how exciting. They made great show and tell at school for Vicki, her daughter. Both the teachers and the fellow student enjoyed being able to look at them. Later she donated then to a Local College so future students could also be a part of the wonder of the moon. Vicki remember being glued to the rented TV watching the first shots into space then later the landing on the Moon. But everyone who had a TV got to see and be a part of the excitement some of the first shots like Glen and Sheppard or the fist Apollo Missions. Marijane would be so sad to think that her grandchildren and future great-great grandchildren won't get the chance to be inspired like our whole country was back in the 1960's.

    Marijane inherited her dad love for the woods and horticulture. She had the greenest thumb you could ever see. She could revive just about any plant that was half dead. One year she had a pepper plant survivor for over two years and was still producing. I think she must have invented the balcony dish garden. Her balcony wasn't just table and lawn-chair it was a forest of plants. She could grow plant that normally shouldn't have grown there.

    She had a great love for animals to the point she may have been the first pet whisperer. She could talk to them and I swear they understood whatever she said to them at the time. The last baby she had was a 25 lb Morris tabby type cat named Wally He wasn't a fat cat he was just big. Wally was a rescue from one of the local shelters who in the end was spoiled. One of the animals I must honor is the Dog Lucky she brought home with her when she got out of the service. Lucky was one of the early Army mascots. In the end Lucky was spoiled by Marijane's Mother Mildred who fell in love with him.

    At the end of Marijane's life she got to enjoy all but two of her seven great grandchildren. The last two were born soon after Marijane went home to be with the Lord. I have a feeling He has her working with his heavenly flower garden. She is greatly missed by her family who can't wait to join her at the heaven's gate.

    The dog is Lucky who was her mascot during the war. Lucky was also discharged the same time she was. Lucky spent the rest of it's days being spoiled and well loved at Marijane's family home.

    You can find more of her photos on

    She also donated some of her stuff/photos to National Women's History Museum

    The photos are just a taste of all the plethora of all the photos of her work and those taken of Marijane.  If you know or are part of the family of those she photographed feel free to copy any of them and please link them to her page.

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