Conflict Period:
Other Service 1
Midshipman (from the USS Intrepid) 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Joseph Israel 1
Age at Death: 14 1
Burial Country: Libya 1
Burial Site: 13 seamen buried on beach and on land above. Reburials since 1804 resulted in 10 unnamed Intrepid crew buried in a Protestant cemetery and under Green Park. Richard Somers and 2 officers are buried beneath Green Park, by west gate of Old Castle Fort. 1
Death Cause: Ship explosion 1

Other Service 1

Midshipman (from the USS Intrepid) 1
Unit or Ship:
USS Intrepid 1
Source Information:
Source: Dickon: Appendix 1 Ð American sailors buried in Tripoli, Libya since 1804. 1
Source Link: 1
Source Link Title: The Foreign Burial of American War Dead 1

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These American officers and seamen were buried in Tripoli, Libya, after the explosion of the USS Intrepid on September 4, 1804. They were members of a crew assembled from three Navy ships.

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