Conflict Period:
War of 1812 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
John Johannes 1
Burial Site: Dartmoor Prison Cemetery, near Princetown, Devon, England 1
Home State or Country: St. Thomas 1

War of 1812 1

Service End Date:
1812 1
Unit or Ship:
President 1
Source Information:
Source: Dickon: Appendix 3 Ð Americans still buried in the American cemetery at Dartmoor Prison in England since the War of 1812. 1
Source Link: 1
Source Link Title: The Foreign Burial of American War Dead 1

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Contemporary research by former Dartmoor prison guard Ron Joy, and the late American author and historian Ira Dye, names 271 Americans buried in the American cemetery at Dartmoor Prison near Princetown, Devon, England, 1813-1815. They are listed, as given, by name; ship or other military source; home origin. Where a town is named without a state, the author hasnÕt presumed to know the state, even if it is obvious.

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