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Personal Details

Full Name:
Farrell Cyrus Girkin 1
Hull Designation:
AD-4 1
Muster Date:
31 Dec 1939 1
Ship Name:
Whitney 1

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  1. WWII Navy Muster Rolls [See image]


Farrell Cyrus Girkin

Son of Ferdinend Oliver Girkin & Flossie Matilda Perry

Enlisted U.S. Navy July 1, 1937. Service # 2581747

Received onboard USS Whitney May 24, 1938

Listed on Muster Roll of USS Whitney March 31, 1939 at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Still on Muster Rolls of USS Whitney at Pearl Harbor March 31, 1940

Transferred to USS Canopus April 1940-42?

Captured by Japanese Fall of Corregidor May 6, 1942

October 24, 1944 Killed being transported on "Arisan Meru' enroute to Japan in the South China Sea when the ship was torpedoed by USS Shark. Memorial to him at the American Cemetery in Manilla.

Purple Heart.

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