Lt. John Taylor Hall

Lt. John Taylor Hall

Civil War (Confederate) · Confederate Army · First Lieutenant

John's Brother Stephen Taylor Hall

  • Texas

Great grandfather Private Stephen Taylor Hall born Nov.1829 in Alabama died 1904 in Pecos, Reeves County, Texas. Married Julia A Tankersley born 1835 in Alabama.
He joined Capt. Milton M. Boggess' Company, McKie's Squadron Mounted Volunteers, May 14, 1862 at Henderson, Texas. His muster records show his horse was valued at $200 and his equipment at $35. He served in the trans Mississippi Department in W.H. Parsons Brigade. Morgan's Battalion Texas Cavalry was organized with seven companies about November 23, 1863, by the consolidation of Major Charles L. Morgan's Squadron Texas Cavalry, Capt. B. D. McKie's Squadron Texas Cavalry and Capt. William B. Denson's Squadron Louisiana and Texas Cavalry. Three other companies were added at various times and the designation changed to Morgan's Regiment Texas Cavalry about February, 1865. He was a 3rd Cousin 3x removed to General Zachary Taylor 1784-1850 and 12 President. Picture taken 1896 Palestine, Texas.

Muster Record

  • Texas

Aug 31, to Dec 31, 1862

Sep & Oct 1862

Jan & Feb 1863

Mar & Apr 1863

May & Jun 1863

Roster dated 28 Apr 1864 Camp near Tuscaloosa, AL

Station Lauderdale Springs 5 Apr 1864

Report dated 27 Aug 1864 Atlanta, Ga  Lieut. Gen. Alex P. Stewart's Corps Ector's Brigade, French's Divison

Register of Appointments, Confederate States Army

State Texas

To whom report 14 Texas Cav. Regt.

Date of Appointment 29 Oct 1864

Date of confirmation 21 Dec 1864

To take rank 17 Oct 1864 Delivered Army Form

Secretary of War J. A. Seddon

1 Jul - 31 Jul 1863  $110

10 Aug 1863  $36 Lieut. J . T. Hall