mother: eliza (portelance) dumont; father: alexis andre dumont; brother: eugene andre dumont; sister: ida alexina dumont; sister: rose anna dumont; eva dumont; stephanie dumont; cecile dumont; dewey dumont;


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where born:

vaudreuil, quebec. canada

was born in vaudreuil, quebec, canada. moved to curran, quebec, canada.married in ottawa,ontario, canada.

moved to chelmsford, ontario, canada. gave birth to sarah, there.gave birth to eugene in usa. gave birth to

ida alexina in berlin, n.h.gave birth to all remaining children in chelmsford,ontario, canada. alexis andre dumont born in st andre de kamouraska,quebec.he was a farmer/lumberjack.

some undocumented births buried in a small family cemetery on farm in chelmsford. around 1927, eliza

left chelmsford, ontario with all her children except alexina who was married to louis deschamps and now had

4 children and was pregnant for her 5th child due in august 1927.

eliza and her children entered the USA in port arthur, ontario, mother had no further contact with them till abt 1965 ? when applying for her canada pension.

they were living in chicago, illinois, usa. some had passed away. some members ofmy family 2 cars full which

included my mother went to chicago and resume a family get together. and then 2 years later her brother

dewey and his wife madge came to sudbury to visit my mother,his portelance relatives, and so on.

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