Conflict Period:
Civil War (Union) 1
06 Apr 1827 1
Sandusky, Erie, OH 1
06 Mar 1888 1
Marblehead, Ottawa, OH 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Milo Herbert Clemons 1
06 Apr 1827 1
Sandusky, Erie, OH 1
Male 1
06 Mar 1888 1
Marblehead, Ottawa, OH 1
Burial Date: 09 Mar 1888 1
Burial Place: Clemons Cemetery Marblehead, OH 1
Mother: Abigail Hollister 1
Father: Alexander Clemons 1
Employer: Kelley Island 1
Position: Justice of the Peace 1
Place: Kelley Island 1

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Milo Herbert Clemons

Marblehead, Ottawa, OH

MILO HERBERT CLEMONSS (Alexander4 - John3 - John2 – Isaac l) was born 6 Apr 1827 in Sandusky Ohio. He married Catherine McCann from Roosky Ireland. Their home was next to Marblehead Lighthouse. Milo was a fine marksman and hunter and was engaged in the stone quarry business.

Children: Gertrude Clemons b. 10 Nov 1862 d. 4 Jul 1950

Phineas Clemons, b. 25 Apr 1856 d. 11 May 1886 died age 30

Martha Clemons b. 12 Aug 1860 d. 18 Nov 1909

Catherine Clemons, b. 1865; d. 4 Jul 1937

Myron Clemons b. Jul 1858 d. 1908

Anna Clemons b. 9 Dec 1864 d. 29 Dec 1952

Alexander A. Clemons b. 9 Mar 1869 d. 27 Mar 1954

Charles Clemons, b. Jun 1872 d. 30 Jun 1912

George Clemons, b. 1876; d. 25 Sept 1939

Frances Clemons b. 24 May 1876 d. 13 Dec 1961 married Charles Griggs

Albert Clemons, died infant

Arthur Clemons, d. 31 Mar 1859 died infant

Adelia Clemons, b. Jul 1854 d. 3 Oct 1855 died infant

Two others who died in infancy

Milo Herbert Clemons

Marblehead, Ottawa, OH

The State of Ohio, Ottawa County.      Court of Conmon Pleas, Probate Division
    Date of Record    June 5    A.D. 18 88
    No. -4
    Name in full    Milo Clemons
Date of Death --Year 1 888 Month    Mar  Day   5
Condition--(Married, Single or Widowed),     Married
Age--Years     60     Months                    Days
Place of Death
Place of Birth Erie Countv.  Ohio
Occupation    Farmer
Name of Parents (when infant without name):
Color -White
Cause of Death    Typhoid Malaria
Last Place of Residence   Danbury Countv, Ohio
The State of Ohio, Ottawa County-
I, the undersigned, certify that I am Judge of the, Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division, within and for said County, which is a Court of Record; that I am ex-officio Clerk of said Court, and by law the custodian of the records and papers required by law to be kept in said Court; and that among others a Record of Deaths was heretofore required by law to be kept therein; and that the foregoing is a true and correct transcript from said record of Deaths, Vol.1869-1893 Page 76 now in this office.
Witness my _signature and the seal of this Court, at Port
Clinton, Ohio,-this 20th  day of  July 2005


Marjarie L. Zak
Deputy Clerk

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