Conrad Cramm (1744 or 1746 died 1836) was a member of the Duke of Hesse palace guard that became the Rall's Regt. (the first regt. sent to fight for the British in Rev. War) who deserted the British at New Ebenezer GA in late 1778 early 1779 when he witnessed the British atrocities against the German Lutheran civilians at New Ebenezer GA, he got his pass from Col. White across the Savannah River at Purysburg SC (formerly a Moravian settlement until British tried to force them to have slaves in payment for their goods and services) to got to the SC-NC border to claim the land promised for switching sides. At his land on Crooked Creek near present day Mint Hill NC which was the NC-SC border until SC traded some of the Waxhall area for NC land from Kings Mtn. NC to Clover (now SC). Conrad Cramm now Crump received a US pension of $44.66 per year from 1832 till his death in Sept. 1836 for his service for the Patriots from early 1780 to protect Charleston SC thru the city's surrender and Conrad Cramm's subsequent imprisonment for desertion on Long Island NY where he got free either escape in a dress of a a camp follower (family lore) or was released after serving his sentence per the Hessian record. Conrad Cramm was ordained in 1798 as a charter (preaching) deacon by Rev. Nicholas Marquadt (one of the 4 Lutheran ministers to be sent to serve in NC,SC, and GA with funds received from the British for the destruction of the village of New Ebenezer GA and the death of the German Minister in 1778/9. Conrad was the son of Heinrich Wilhelm Cramm who is thought to be one of 6 sons of Col. Heinrich Christoph Cramm (killed in battle in Netherlands in service of the house of Bunswick). HIs widow became governess for Princess Elizabeth of Brunswick who later married Emperor Carl VI of Austria and took the widow and at least the three youngest sons along along as her Lady in waiting. I am looking for further documentation such as the church baptismal records of the six sons,, especially those of Heinrich Wilhelm cramm, and those of Christian cramm and my conrad cramm who shared ancestral lands in 1767 and 1772 in the Peine district near Cramme near Wolfenuttal and Hildesheim Germany. there are literally many hundreds of Conrad Cramms descendants in the USA. WE have been having an annual Crump reunion each year for Conrad Cramm's descendants.


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