David Palmer

David Palmer

David Palmer's War of 1812 record

  • New York Militia

David Palmer's War of 1812 Pension File

Following correspondence is in David Palmer's War of 1812 file from the National Archives. Appears Ann Palmer applied for Land Warrant in 1855 and for a pension in 1871.

(The file is labeled as follows)

WAR OF 1812
Numbers W.O. 4417, W.C. 6119
Soldier Palmer David
Widow Palmer Ann
Service Capt. C Carnet's Co., NY Mil
Bounty Land Wt 795-40-50, Wt 67513-120-55

Cincinnati, July 28 1855
Hon Coms. of Pensions
I enclose this application of Anne H. Palmer for Land Warrant. Her late husband obtained a Warrant No. 795. Please direct Warrant to me at this place.
Yours, Abram Brower

Treasury Department, Third Auditor's Office, January 22, 1857
It appears from documents on file in this Office, that David Palmer, a private of Captain Cornelius Carnet of New York Militia entered the service on the 7 September '14 and served till the 26 November 1814 end of service.
B. J. Callahen for 3rd Auditing

Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records Land Patent Details
Accession/Serial #: MW-0386-188 BLM
Serial #: Patent Description Legal Land Description Document Image Certified Copy
Military Rank: PRIVATE
Survey State: IOWA
Acres: 130.26
Metes/Bounds: No Title Transfer
Issue Date: 5/1/1860
Land Office: Council Bluffs
Cancelled: No
U.S. Reservations: No
Mineral Reservations: No
Authority: March 3, 1855: ScripWarrant Act of 1855 (10 Stat. 701)
Document Numbers
Document Nr.: 67513 Accession/Serial Nr.: MW-0386-188

Soldier Palmer, David
Numbers War of 1812; Wid O. 4417; Wid C.6119
Widow Palmer, Ann
Service Pri. Capt. C. Carnet's Co, NY Mil.
Bounty Land Warrants 795-40-50, 67513-120-55
Enl. Sep 7 1814, Dis, Nov 26 1814
Residence of Soldier 1850 Dearborn Co Ind
Residence of Widow 1855 & 1871, Yorkville, Dearborn Co Ind
Maiden name of Widow Anna Hammond
Marriage of Soldier and Widow 1811 N.Y. City
Death of Soldier Jany 1853

There are letters dated Feb 13 1872 and May 15 1872 requesting documentation for the marriage of David Palmer and Anna Hammond. Apparently she was unable to produce documentation so sworn affadavits (they were asking for two) were presented:

State of Indiana )
County of Jennings)
Before me, Josephus W Pell, a Justice of the Peace in and for said County and State personally came John Ockerman, a resident of said County and State whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit and who being by me duly sworn states That in the year 1811 he was a resident of the city of New York. That he then and there knew David Palmer and Ann Hammond. That they were united in marriage on the first Sunday in May, 1811. That as near as he can remember they were married by the Rev. Mr. McClay, a Baptist Minister. That he was not present at the wedding but knew very well of it, they both being friends of his. That he has also known of the cohabiting of said persons as man and wife up to the time of the death of David Palmer, affiant living near neighbor to them - adjoining farms - almost all his life. That he has no interest in Ann Palmer's Claim for pension.

John Ockerman (X his mark)

Witness to Mark John Grear, Asa Goodall
Subscribed and sworn to before me. Witness my hand and seal this 18 day of February 1873. And I certify that I have no interest in this claim.
Josephus W Pell, J.P. (Seal)
The State of Indiana, Jennings County, I Joseph L Reiley, Clerk of the Jennings Circiut Court, hereby certify that Josephus W Pell before whom the annexed affidavit was acknowledge was at the date of said acknowledgement a Justice of the Peace within and for said County duly commissioned qualified and that the signature above written is genuine.
In Witness I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at Vernon, Ind this 19th day of February AD 1873.
Joseph L Reiley, Clerk

Department of the Interior Pension Office, Washington DC Apr 29 1874
Sir In reply to your inquiry of the 27th instant, herewith returned in relation to the claim for pension of Ann Palmer No 4417 as widow of David, under the Act of Feby 14 1871. I have the honor to return the affidavit of John Palmer, filed by you in support thereof, that the official character of William Robertson before whom it is sworn to, may be certified by an officer of a Court of Records and again forwarded to this office.
Upon its receipt the claim will be adjudicated at once and information promptly given of the result.
Very respectfully
Jos Lockley, Actg. Commissioner
Hon. W. T. Holman, Present
(This is the last letter in the file and John Palmer's affadavit referred to in the letter above is not here.)

List of Pensioners on the roll, January 1, 1883, Vols. 1-5
Dearborn County starts on p 36 through 39
(Data Sequence:  No.of certificate, Name of pensioner, Post-office address, Cause for which pensioned, Monthly rate, Date of original allowance)
6,119    Palmer Ann, Yorkville, widow 1812, 8 00, May 1874