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Death of Jimmy Allen Whitson


Dog tag number# 554822561, United States Marine Corps.Dog tag number 554822561, United States Marine Corps.

My name is David V. Perez. I served with Golf 2/5 Marines. I was the radioman for 3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon in Vietnam Aug 69 to Aug 70.

Your son, brother, uncle, or friend Pfc Jimmy Allen Whitson from San Bernardino, California was killed in the Arizona Territory, Vietnam. We were on a daytime patrol when we got ambushed. Gun's was pinned down and out of ammunition, so that crazy guy Whitson gets up, runs, picks up 2 cans of ammo from John (also killed in the ambush) and began to run to help Guns. That's when he got hit. I ran to help him, I did all I could, but he died in my arms. I'm so, so, so, sorry that I didn't save his life. I tried. I live with it every day.

He gave his life to save ours. To me, he is my HERO! HERO! Before he died, he said to tell his family that he loved them very much. Sorry it took so long, But I've been fighting my own war. Please forgive me. Please contact me at or at 1-951-7419726 cell or home number 1-909-790-2035 in Yucaipa, California


Walk with God

David V. Perez

12361 4th Street, Apt 203, Yucaipa, Calif. 92399

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