This is a story from the Battle of the Bulge of Jas. T. Tolbert taking out a Tiger Tank.

Conflict Period:
World War II 1
Army 1
Technical Sergeant 3 1

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World War II 1

Army 1
Technical Sergeant 3 1
Service Start Date:
14 Dec 1943 1
Service End Date:
02 May 1946 1
Enlistment Date:
13 Dec 1943 1
Enlistment Location:
Ft. McClellan, Alabama, USA 1
Service Number:
34915698 1

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  1. Army of the United States Honorable Discharge given at Camp Shelby, MS, Separation Center, Archie Sorenson, Major AUS — Contributed by ggfrance978


James Travis Tolbert from WWII

Battle of the Bulge

This is a story my father, James Travis Tolbert, told about the Battle of the Bulge.  It was cold and he was VERY hungary.  The fox holes of the U. S. Army guys my Dad as with were about two football fields away from the German fox holes. 

They heard a tank coming toward them.  I think it was a Tiger tank.  My Dad took two grenades and ran toward the tank.  He was the only one who knew how to take out a tank with grenades.  He ran up to the tank and put one grenade down the hatch and one grenade in the tracks.  The tank blew up, and they didn't have to worry about German tanks anymore. 

He was handicapped since childhood and running was not his kind of activity.  He was a Staff Seargeant in the Signal Corps.  He could type 120 words per minute on a manual typewriter with no errors.  People would come and just watch his fingers fly when he worked for Western Union in Washington, D.C.  The only way he could get in the Army was for the Army to make him 2 pair of specially made boots.

Glenda Tolbert France

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