Military service from 1942 to 1945 Marines 3rd division 3rd com Medical daddy was a cook in the marines also was lend out to other units from time to time example daddy told me he watched the black sheep pappy boyington while being on loan to them

june 24,1923 1
Flint,Michigan 1

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june 24,1923 1
Flint,Michigan 1
Male 1
Mother: Edith Anna Viola Mcgauley 1
Father: Albert Carl Leary 1

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One story of a marines recollection of Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima

My daddy served in WWII in the 3rd marine division 3rd medical battalion this information is what my dad related to me in person. He was loaned out as a cook from time to time one of these times was on bougainville with pappy boyingtons black sheep he told me he remembered watching them flying in. I asked daddy what there mission on iwo jima was he told me it was to take all 3 airstrips so they could secure the island. Mount saribachi was a hill that could be seen as he was approaching the island it was there he saw the flag already erected as he came ashore. I asked daddy what he did once on the island. he said it was mostly helping with the dead dyind and sick they were everywhere. the roads and everything else were lined with the dead dying or injured the peopkle who werent injured helped do what was needed. must have been horrific


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