22 Mar 1848 1
Marblehead Ohio 1
16 Jul 1919 1
Marblehead Ohio 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Hubbard Mortimer Clemons 1
22 Mar 1848 1
Marblehead Ohio 1
Male 1
16 Jul 1919 1
Marblehead Ohio 1
Mother: Angeline Hollister 1
Father: Alexander Clemons 1
Almira LeVake 1
09 Jan 1843 1
Troy, NY 1
Spouse Death Date: 24 Nov 1933 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White 1

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Hubbard Mortimer Clemons

Marblehead Ohio

HUBBARD MORTIMER CLEMONS 5 (Alexander4 - John3 - John2 – Isaac l) was born at Marblehead, Ohio, 22 Mar 1848 and died 16 Jun 1919. He was a Civil Veteran. He attended Cleveland Business College and later took over his father's stone quarry business with three brothers. On 23 Jan 1873 he married Almira Leah LeVake, who was born in Troy, N. Y. 9 Jan 1843. Hubbard helped organize the Baptist Church, the first protestant church in Marblehead. He was also instrumental in building the First Congregational Church in 1900. He was mayor of the village and Justice of the Peace with his two brothers he received the Congressional Medal of Honor for the rescue of the crew of a foundering schooner

He served as a member of the Board of Education for 21 years.
He was mayor of the village and for many years Justice of Peace. He was a charter member and first past Chancellor of Peninsular Lodge #607 Knights of Pythians.
After disposing of the stone business to the Kelly Island Limo and Transport he entered the coal and ice business. On May 15, 1875 he and his brothers, Ai J. and Lucian M., faced a northeast Gail on Lake Erie to rescue shipwrecked sailors from a schooner west of Kelly Island for which deed each received a Congressional Medal and were elected to membership in the American Cross of Honor.
Their family of six children are:
Flora B., born November 15, 1873. Married Albert G. Seitz. November 24, 1897. They have two children, Bessie L Nichols and Ralph C. Seitz. Bessie has two children, Alfred Wm and Suzanne Nichols. Ralph married Clara Alvord. They have four children; Ralph C, Barbara A., Charles A, and Gerald Seitz.
Lucy A. born July 11, 1875, married Charles F. Johnson. June 1, 1899. They had one child, Maurice Reid. Maurice married Anne Schessler on February 17, 1927, to which union three children were born, Reid Allen, Keith Edwin, and Caroline Anne.
Lucy died November 4, 1925.
Clara Pearl, born December 2l, 1877, married Everett Hartshorn, February 12, 1898. They have on child, Ruth L. who married Harold Preble October 16, 1920. They have one child; Harold Douglas.
Ralph Mortimer:' born May 17, 1880, married Mattie May Griesser June 20, 1908. They have two sons, Maurice Mortimer and Dwight Lawrence. Maurice married Leon E. White December, 22, 1934. Dwight married Ruth Wilson April 10, 1937. Mattie died March 14, 1924. Ralph married Anna Louise Hogg on September 19, 1925.
    Eunice Newton born July 24, 1882, married William Weichel March 14, 1911. They had two children, Gretchen, born June 27, 1916 and died February 1, 1917, and Kenneth Paul married to Dorothy Koener February 14, 1942
Jessie Mabel born August 10,1885.
Hubbard Mortimer died July 16, 1919 - Almira Leah died November 24, 1933.
By R. M. Clemons - 1942
Almira Clemons died 24 Nov 1933.

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