US Navy SKG3-E4 Service Number: 3668531 Place of Loss: Off Kojo coastline, N. Korea. Ship: USS Gloucester (PF-22), USN Fleet Storekeeper Third Class Louis Jaramillo served with the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. Jaramillo was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Presidential Unit Citation, the Republic of Korea War Service Medal and ultimately the Purple Heart.

24 Jul 1928 1
11 Nov 1951 1
Kojo coastline North Korea 1

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24 Jul 1928 1
Male 1
11 Nov 1951 1
Kojo coastline North Korea 1
Cause: Hostile Action 1

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Armistice Day loss

Kojo coastline North Korea

USS Gloucester (PF-22)

On November 11, 1951 Armistice (Veterans) Day, while conducting interdiction fire and shore bombardment off the Kojo coastline, theUSS Gloucester engaged in a duel with North Korean shore batteries at H?ngnam. The USS Gloucester took a direct hit that killed Storekeeper Jaramillo and seriously wounded 11 others.

While the USS Gloucester was zigzagging and returning fire, incoming enemy air bursts were raining shrapnel from above. Sonar recorded hundreds of near misses in the waters around the USS Gloucester when one fateful enemy shell found its' mark on the aft 20mm gun tub where Louis and several shipmates were manning their general quarters. The combat veterans of the USS Gloucester will never forget that day and will never forget Louie.

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