Patent "Perkins Glue" 1915, Lansdale, PA.

01 Sep 1879 1
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26 Apr 2017 1
Doylestown, PA 1

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01 Sep 1879 1
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26 Apr 2017 1
Doylestown, PA 1

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Julius Stryker, SR. (Perkins Glue Co.)

Lansdale, PA

Julius B B Stryker, SR>........... Perkin's Glue" Lansdale, PA. 

 Inventor on U.S. Patent No. 1,299,809 - Adhesive & Making The Same, assigned to Perkins Glue Company, April 8, 1919
There was also a mention of being the co-inventor with Haberle in 1915 and with Perkins and Williams in 1921.

 Perkins Glue Co., 277 U.S. 245, 256-258, 48 S.Ct. 474, 478, 479, 72 L.Ed. 868

Reference;  Darrow, Floyd (1930). The story of an ancient art, from the earliest adhesives to vegetable glue. Perkins Glue Company.

Julius Benner Bogart Stryker "Windemere" Doylestown, PA

Doylestown, Pa.

   Julius Benner Bogart Stryker, SR.;  (181 East Court Street, Doylestown, PA.   ~~    Family Residence)

    Julius lived to be 78 years old.  In 1928 he was 31 years of age.... Married about 1909, his last child born about 1917, the FAMILY most likely lived in Lansdale before that.  In 1928 he moved his family to Doylestown (home at 181 E. Court Street in Doylestown) They lived there about 30 years until his death in April, 1957 . . . Mary Gertrude *Higgins* Stryker, his wife lived until 1963, most probably having moved in with one of her children  . . .

    From 1958, it was sold to and is still the  "United Church of Christ".

Julius Family, 1920 CENSUS;

1920 Census/Lansdale East Ward/Montgomery Co./Pennsylvania/Roll 1605/Page:
9B/Enumeration District: 102
Family#: 242
Household Members: Name Age
Julius B B Stryker/Head of Household/40/Married/ILL/NJ/PA/President/Glue
Mary H Stryker/Mary/33/Married/MDx3
Charlotte B Stryker/Daughter/11/NJ/ILL/MD
James H Stryker/Son/10/PA/ILL/MD <<<<---------------------
Julius Stryker/Son/6/PA/ILL/MD
Frank P Stryker/Son/4yrs-6mos/PA/ILL/MD
Henry T Stryker/Son/3yrs-5mos/FLA/ILL/MD
Emily G Evans/Servant/Black/33
William Evans/Servant/Black/33

Julius FAMILY, 1930 CENSUS;

1930 Census - Doylestown
Julius Stryker 50 - Head
Mary Stryker 44 - Wife
James H Stryker 19 - Son
Julius B Stryker 16 - Son
Frank P Stryker 14 - Son
Henry O Stryker 13 - Son
Robert Webster 24 - Servant
Anita Webster 22 - Servant

Stryker Doylestown Home 1928-1958

Doylestown, PA

Regarding Julius B B Stryker;  Dec. 2012;  Hello,
My name is Kurt and I am a research volunteer with the Doylestown Historical Society. I am researching the house at 181 E. Court Street in Doylestown. I have discovered that Julius B.B. Stryker and his family lived in this house from 1928 until they sold it to the Salem United Church of Christ in 1958.
I have several photos of this house I can share with you.


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