Conflict Period:
Korean War 1
Army 1

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Personal Details

Race: White 1
State of Residence: Indiana 1
Year: 1919 1

Korean War 1

Army 1
Service Number:
RA15053979 1
Army Branch:
Infantry 1
Date of Casualty:
31 Dec 1969 1
Date of Disposition:
31 Dec 1969 1
Disposition of Evacuation:
[Blank] 1
Sergeant 1
Place of Casualty:
South Korea Sector 1
Place of Disposition:
South Korea 1
Type of Casualty:
Killed in Action 1

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Glen Wood TATEM, Killed 13 August, 1950

Yongpo, Korea

Glen W. TATEM'S Death Announcement, 1950
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Glen Wood TATEM was named originally "Caryle Glenwood TATEM" by his parents. He didn't care for the name and had it changed to Glen Wood TATEM. Glen Wood TATEM was killed in Yongpo, Korea, on 13 August, 1950. The United States actually lost the ground where Glen's rifle platoon was killed. It took over 10 months for the United States to recover the site where Glen's rifle platoon was ambushed and killed. Mary (Day) TATEM, wife of John Harrison TATEM, and mother of Caryle Glenwood TATEM, wanted an open casket the day of the funeral on 4 August, 1951, as well as have him buried in Garrard County, Kentucky. Norma Rose did not agree and wanted a closed casket funeral service and have Glen buried in Columbus, Indiana. This caused problems and upset the TATEMS. Then, to even further stress the situation, Paul Harold VOELZ married Norma Rose (Davis) TATEM on 5 February, 1952, and adopted both TATEM children. John and Mary TATEM told them that would be the end of the TATEM name if he did that. Paul decided that he was going to have other children with Norma Rose and that he wanted them all to have the same surname. This pretty much split the TATEM/ VOELZ family lines.

Burial Of Glen Wood TATEM

Columbus, Indiana

Glen Wood TATEM'S Tombstone

Burial was in the Garland Brook Cemetery, in Columbus, Bartholomew County, Indiana. It took over 10 months for the U.S. to recapture the site in Korea and to recover Glen's remains from the site in Korea where his platoon was ambushed. Find A Grave Memorial# 89643634

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