In memory of my Mother (WOW). She always signed her email messages with the word "WOW" which is mom upside down.

14 Jun 1940 1
Portland, Multnomiah, Oregon, United States 1
30 Nov 2012 1
Santaquin, Utah, Utah, United States 1

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14 Jun 1940 1
Portland, Multnomiah, Oregon, United States 1
Female 1
30 Nov 2012 1
Santaquin, Utah, Utah, United States 1
Cause: heart attack 1
Mother: Helen Else Spousta 1
Father: Daniel Clay Boone 1

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Death Note, Written on the day of her death.

Santaquin, Utah, Utah, United States

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She was found in her garden laying down not breathing. Her room mate thought she was taking a little to long to come back in from doing her chores and so she went out to check up on mom.  She found her on the ground not breathing, and she called the police who arrived shortly thereafter.  Her roommate then started calling all of the family members to let each person know that their mom had passed away.

My younger sister Jennete and the oldest son John were there at mom's side in the hospital.

I (John) arrived first at the hospital and then they were just taking out the needles (IV) and I asked that they take out the tube from her mouth.

The hospital people were very friendly and caring about what had happened and were willing to get us anything within reason that they could.

No one of really wanted anything we just waited to see if other family members were going to come. 

Moms Bishop was there and a lady that mom gets goat milk from all the time came as well with one of her daughters.

Moms friend had lots of support from family that came to her house as well as police and her church members who came to visit and comfort her.

The police that came to my moms house is a member at our Church in Goshen. He called me and asked about information about my moms health before she died.

Mom said that she had worked out in the yard and over did it.  She was feeling very sore and was not feeling very good.  I visited her 2 days before she died and was able to give her a hug and talked to her for a little while before going to work.  That was that last time I saw mom alive.

The next day she went to her daughters house to decorate Christmas gingerbread houses.  She was not feeling very well afterwards.  She had mentioned that she did not know if she could make it over to my sister's house to work with her grandchildren on building gingerbread houses.  But she showed up anyway and I am sure she enjoyed her time she spent with her kids and grandchildren.

Mom always cared more about her kids than she did about herself and was always good at hiding if she felt bad.  She mostly expressed how thankful she was and always showed her love to her children and those around her.

Obituary • December 03, 2012 12:50 am  •  Daily Herald

Santaquin, Utah, Utah, United States

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Lynda Louise Boone, 72 of Santaquin UT, a dedicated and loving mother and temple worker, passed away on Nov 30, 2012. She is survived by 8 of her 9 children. John Boone (Peggy), Michael Burton (Lauren), Daniel Burton (Media) Margaret Boone (Lane), Mark Burton, Shannon Graves (Scott), Jennete Killpack (Rick), Sheri Evans (Robert) as well as 12 grandchildren and close friend Gail Striat. She was preceded in death by her parents, her daughter Kristina, and her granddaughter Cassandra.

There will be a viewing for her friends and family Tuesday, December 4th, 6:00-8:00PM. There will also be a viewing on Wednesday December 5th from 9:45-10:45AM immediately preceding the funeral services. The viewings and funeral services will be held at the Santaquin Utah North Stake Center, 545 North 200 East, Santaquin, Utah 84655. Lynda will be placed to rest at the Timpanogos Memorial Gardens Cemetery located at North 400 East, Orem, UT.

A memorial fund has been set up at US bank in memory of Lynda.

Song that gave me comfort

Goshen, Utah, Utah, USA

God, Our Father, Hear Us Pray

    1. God, our Father, hear us pray;
    Send thy grace this holy day.
    As we take of emblems blest,
    On our Savior's love we rest.

    2. Grant us, Father, grace divine;
    May thy smile upon us shine.
    As we eat the broken bread,
    Thine approval on us shed.

    3. As we drink the water clear,
    Let thy Spirit linger near.
    Pardon faults, O Lord, we pray;
    Bless our efforts day by day.

Although this is a sacrament song. This is the song that came to my mind the morning after my mom died.

I felt an impression to go to the temple and speak with the temple president where my mom worked as a temple worker for many years until the day she died.

I went to work and scheduled a bereavement, which according to Utah law your employer has to give you with pay. However my employer refused and told me the time off would be without pay.

So I took 3 days off with no pay. I was able to get one additional day with pay for one remaining vacation day I had saved up.

After having my time off scheduled I left work and drove to the temple and asked to speak with the temple president. I was dressed in regular street cloths. I showed my Temple Recommend and then waited for the temple president. Once he arrived I talked with the 2nd counselor of the temple presidency (President Larry Dahl) and asked that he speak at my mom's funeral.

He agreed. His talk was a wonderful gospel oriented talk and he showed compassion and a genuine concern for my mom and family members who attended the funeral services.

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