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Flanders, John Lt.,

On the alarm being given at Lexington, John Flanders, Junior volunteered his services; -- joined the company of Capt. Joshua Abbot, of Concord, N.H. with others, in April, and continued in the service to the last of the following September. At this time, the expedition to Quebec was undertaken, and Col. Arnold took command of the troops. Oct. 1, 1775, Flanders enlisted in the company of Capt. Henry Dearborn, since Secretary of war, and commander of the U. S. Army in the late war. their march was by the way of Kennebec river, through the woods over the high lands ñ carrying their batteaux and baggage; and after experiencing incalculable hardships from bad travelling, want of accommodation, the advanced season, want of provision, and prevailing sickness, which proved fatal to many, they arrived at Point Levi, opposite to Quebec, Nov. 9. Here they continued making preparations for storming the city until the 31st of Dec., when the unsuccessful attempt was made. The fatal day, when the brave Montgomery fell, Arnold carried off with the wounded, 60 killed and 350 were taken prisons, on entering the city. Among the latter was John Flanders; who was taken, imprisoned, and secured in irons. from his irons, however, he was liberated the 1st of March, 1776, by order of the British commander, but continued in prison until the 1st of August following; then was permitted to sign a parole, and return home. He shipped, and on the 25th of September landed at N. York; from thence he travelled on foot, and was once more welcomed by his friends in his native town, after an absence of eighteen months. He was three months in the service ñ more than seven imprisoned, two of which in irons, and nearly two months on his passage home ñ months of hardships, deprivations and peril. ñ From Flander’s Journal." No Dates

Buried: Central South Water Saint Cemetery
Merrimack County
New Hampshire, USA

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