Father of Marian and Laura Marie, Vietnam Veteran AF. He never returned returned from where he served.He just inhabited his surrounds until he felt his job with his family was complete and then he returned to the Men he served with on the Streets. I put this here to serve as a testament to a LOST generation of men. If you know a Vietnam Veteran WELCOME HIM HOME, something we never did for these men who answered the Call of OUR Country and were never thanked for their Service as our Troops are today. No matter how UNPOPULAR something is, Service is not a shameful act, but a couregous one. HONOR, COURAGE and Commitment. Laura Marie followed is his footsteps of service with Honor and Served in the Gulf region 97-07, answering the call of Service born by every generation before her. His Daughter Marian is married with children and grandchildren of her own to carry the Blood and Name of DeLaughter forward and perhaps Service will call to them in Peace and War our country has been protected by Larry's Ancestrors.


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