David Ellerson, a Scotchman was born on the high seas, enroute to Virginia on October 14, 1749. He lived in Culpepper Co. Virginia until he entered Military Service in 1776. It is recorded that he was with Lord Dunmore. Before the Revolution, in the war with the Indians in Virginia, he received a bullet wound in his right shoulder which left its scar until the day of his death. He enlisted in the Fall of 1776 for 3 years in Culpepper Co. Virginia under Captain Long in a Regiment of Riflemen under Colonel Morgan. He served in this Regiment until after the Battle of Monmouth in 1778 when Captain Long's company proceeded to Albany, NY and was there commanded. From: The History of the Ellerson Family by Mrs. Frank Ellerson the story of David Ellerson related from the journal of Lottie Ellerson between 1930 and 1960 Donated to the archives of the Old Stone Fort by Richard J. Sharp - Schoharie - July 1, 1997


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