06 Mar 1916 1
Avon, Lorain, Ohio 1
14 Feb 1991 1
Sheffield Village, Lorain, Ohio 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Robert Arthur Casper 1
06 Mar 1916 1
Avon, Lorain, Ohio 1
Male 1
14 Feb 1991 1
Sheffield Village, Lorain, Ohio 1
Burial Date: 18 Feb 1991 1
Burial Place: Calvary Cemetery 1
Place: Sheffield Village, Lorain, Ohio 1
Mother: Rose Marie Alten 1
Father: Peter Casper 1
Dorothy Marie Ryan 1
05 Aug 1920 1
Lorain, Lorain, Ohio 1
Spouse Death Date: 07 Jun 2002 1

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Robert Arthur Casper

Lorain, Lorain, Ohio

Robert Arthur Casper

Robert A. Casper, Sr., my father, received his draft notice to report for duty on June 10, 1942 at 7:20 a.m. at the North Ridgeville, Ohio Town Hall.

My father did not talk much about the time he spent in the Army, but he did tell my husband that he was one of the first Radar Technicians.  He is as a Carpenter General 050, on his DD214 form, what ever that means.

He did see time overseas, as I have money from Budapest and some place I don’t recognize, Nationale Bank Van Belgie.  The back writing is VIJF Frank of EEN Belga, on the front CinQ Francs, sounds Spanish to me!  There was also money from Germany & Japan also. 

I do know that he received 5 medals, American Theater Ribbon; EAME Theater Ribbon; Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon; Good Conduct Ribbon & Victory Medal, I am trying to find out what they all mean.

I wish he would have talked more about his travels and what he did as a child.  He was very closed lip about his younger years and I just don’t know why?

Dad was honorably discharged as Technician Fourth Grade from the 1275th Engineer Battalion, on 28 December 1945, from the Separation Center, Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

Army Registration Certificate

Written by
Pamela M. Rihel nee Casper

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