Navy Cruise Books

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U.S. Navy cruise books for various years and ships, 1918 to 2009.

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Navy cruise books were created by those aboard a ship to remember a particular deployment. In addition to portraits and information about sailors and officers aboard, the pages also include candid photos of events and daily routines, plus stories and biographies paying tribute to those who served on board.

Ship classifications

  • AD - Destroyer Tender (Auxiliary, Destroyer)
  • AE - Ammunition Ship (Auxiliary, Explosives)
  • AF - Stores Ship (Auxiliary, Freight)
  • AGB - Icebreaker (Auxiliary, General, Breaker)
  • AGC - Command Ship (Auxiliary, General, Command)
  • AGS - Survey Ship (Auxiliar, General, Survey)
  • AKA - Attack Cargo Ship (Auxiliary, Kargo, Attack)
  • AKS - General Stores Issue Ship (Auxiliary, Kargo, Stores)
  • AO - Fleet Oiler (Auxiliary, Oiler)
  • AOE - Fast Combat Support Ship (Auxiliary, Oiler, Explosives)
  • APA - Attack Transport (Auxiliary, Personnel, Attack)
  • ARS - Salvage Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Salvage)
  • AS - Submarine Tender (Auxiliary, Submarine)
  • ATF - Fleet Tug (Auxiliary, Tug, Fleet)
  • AV - Seaplane Tender (Auxiliary, heaVier-than-air*)
  • AVP - Small Seaplane Tender (Auxiliary, heaVier-than-air*, Personnel)
  • BB - Battleship
  • CA - Heavy Cruiser (Cruiser, Armored)
  • CG - Guided-missile Cruiser
  • CGN - Guided-missile Cruiser, Nuclear powered
  • CV - Aircraft Carrier (Carrier, heaVier-than-air*)
  • CVA - Attack Aircraft Carrier (Carrier, heaVier-than-air*, Attack)
  • CVE - Escort Carrier (Carrier, heaVier-than-air*, Escort)
  • CVS - Anti-Submarine Aircraft Carrier (Carrier, heaVier-than-air*, anti-Submarine)
  • DD - Destroyer
  • DDE - Escort Destroyer
  • DDG - Guided-Missile Destroyer
  • DDR - Radar Picket Destroyer (Destroyer, Destroyer, Radar picket)
  • DE - Destroyer Escort
  • DER - Destoyer Escort, Radar picket
  • DLG - Destroyer Leader, Guided missile
  • DLGN - Destroyer Leader, Guided missile, Nuclear-propulsion
  • DMS - Destroyer Minesweeper
  • FF - Frigate
  • FFG - Guided-Missile Frigate (Frigate, Frigate, Guided-missile)
  • LHA - Landing Helicopter Assault
  • LPD - Landing Platform Dock
  • LPH - Landing Platform Helicopter
  • LSD - Landing Ship Dock
  • LST - Landing Ship Tank
  • MSO - Ocean Minesweeper (MineSweeper, Ocean)
  • SS - Submarine
  • TF - Fleet Tug (see ATF)

*The V is from "voler," the French verb "to fly."


I, too, have problem with US Navy, SeaBees, problem. My father, William Clinton Tolliver served from 1942 - 1945 in the Pacific. I have not found any record of him in Fold3. I know that he was also in 2 cruise books as he had copies at one time. Can you help, please?

25 Mar 2015

Your records aren't very good at all! I have the name of the ship my father was on and all of his records and yet your site refuses to say he even was in the USnavy!! THis is a ridiculous site

25 May 2013