Company H, 34th Regt. Illinois Volunteers


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Civil War Service of Lyman Summerfield WIDNEY (1842-1927)


7 Sept 1861 Civil War Enlistment in Company H, 34th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers


-Peter Householder, Capt. Co. "H", 34th Ill. Vol. Inft.


-Joseph M. Myers, served with L.S. Widney for four years


-Other Comrades Gidding, Giles


23 Dec 1863 Reenlisted at Chattanooga, Tenn.; promoted to Sergt. Major of said Regt.


**  Battles  **


Shiloh 6-7 Apr 1862


Keokuk Hospital Aug/Sept 1862


Stone River (Murfreesboro) 31 Dec 1862


Atlanta Campaigne




** Name of Commanders **




J.M. Myers - Wagner - Hiller






12 July 1865 Honorably Discharged at Louisville, Ky.






[Civil War Diaries of Lyman S. Widney, typewritten and bound transcriptions of original diaries in the possession of Anita Joan WILSON Sexton.]


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