Revolutionary War

Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
175? 1
Pennsylvania 1

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175? 1
Pennsylvania 1

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Revolutionary War


Birthdate 175?, Pennsylvania, American Genealogical Biographical Index

Heads of the First Families First Census 1790 Pennsylvania--Daniel McPike, Fayette County 3/3/4


DANIEL MCPEAK—1750 Chester County Tax Records, East Fallowfield Twp., Pennsylvania


DANIEL MCPEAK, married Ann McPeak, June 12, 1764 in St. James Episcopal Church, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


DANIEL MCPECK, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, An Index to the 1798 direct tax for Pennsylvania.


DANIEL MCPIKE OR MCPEAK, York County, Cumberland Twp, Pennsylvania Wills, 1787. Children: William, Anna, James and John. Grandchildren: Margaret and William—children of William


DANIEL MCPIKE I, b. 1715, d. 1787 (grandfather of JOHN MCPEAKE, SR.)   DANIEL MCPEAKE II, b. 1744, d. 1811 (father of JOHN MCPEAKE, SR.)


MCPEAK, DANIEL, WILLIAM, JAMES AND JOHN, Pennsylvania archives, Second Series, Vol. III, p. 306, 2d district of York County, were among singers of memorial against calling a convention in 1779 (William, James and John are Daniels’ sons)


DANIEL MCPIKE—Return of taxables County of York, Pennsylvania, William Eagle, 380 acres,1781


DANIEL MCPEAK, 1790 United States Federal Census, Fayette County, Wharton twp. Pennsylvania 3/3/4

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