War of 1812

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War of 1812 1

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War of 1812


Residence Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Warren Twp., 1810 Pennsylvania Census

War of 1812, National Archives, Pennsylvania Records Findlay's Batallion August 29-September 17, 1814


Muster Rolls Pennsylvania Volunteers in the War of 1812-1814



Warner-Beers' History of Franklin County, PA, 1887 -- Part II: Chapters VII & VIII

CHAPTER VIII. WAR OF 1812-1814 Cause of the War - Declaration of War - Franklin County Companies - Incidents of the War Free trade and sailors' rights" was the Nation's watch-word, that culminated in the second war with Great Britain. The mother country seems to have forgotten that the colonies had relinquished maternal dependence, and were living a national existence on their own. The right to search our merchant vessels upon the high seas, and also the right to impress seamen, found in such merchant service, was the pro- voking cause to the national motto given above. June 12, 1812, Congress declared war against Great Britain, and the President called upon the people to take up arms. It is not proposed here to give a history of the ensuing war. That is a part of the general history of our country. The part taken there- in by Franklin County is the boundary limit of this chapter. During the three years of hostilities thirteen companies of Franklin County men were recruited and sent to the field of action. Some time before actual hostilities were declared our people antici- pated the coming struggle, and in the towns, villages and rural districts the nuclei of military organizations were formed. A large number of these was found in this county, many of them ready on short notice to march in effective martial display to the front. We have the names of the ANTRIM GREENS, a rifle company of 60 men; FRANKLIN COUNTY LIGHT DRAGOONS, 41 men - Captain, JAMES McDOWELL; CONCORD LIGHT INFANTRY, 30 men - Captain, MICHAEL HARPER; CHAMBERSBURG UNION VOLUN- TEERS, 51 men - Captain, JEREMIAH SNIDER. These companies at once tendered their services, though COUNTY BRIGADE INSPECTOR WILLIAM McCLELLAN, to the Government. The first detachment of troops left the county September 5, 1812. This was composed of the UNION VOLUNTEERS, the FRANKLIN RIFLEMEN, the CONCORD LIGHT INFANTRY, the MERCERSBURG RIFLES and the ANTRIM GREENS - total 264, officers and men. The quota of the county was 507, and the deficiency was made up by draft from the militia. MAJOR WILLIAM McCLELLAN was in command of the detachment. They were sent to the northwest frontier, proceeding there by way of Bedford, Pittsburgh and Meadville, reaching the latter place in September. The troops were there re-organized into four regiments -- two of rifles and two of infantry. JEREMIAH SNIDER was elected colonel of the First Regiment, JOHN PURVIANCE of the Second Regiment. The four regiments being form- ed into a brigade under GENERAL TANNAHILL, DR. SAMUEL D. CULBERTSON, of Chambersburg, was appointed surgeon-in-chief; JOHN McCLINTOCK became captain of Snider's company, on latter being made colonel, and GEORGE K. HARPER was promoted to the vacant lieutenancy in SNIDER's company. The companies of CAPTAINS McCLINTOCK, REGES, and HARPER were in COLONEL SNIDER's regiment and those of CAPTAINS OAKS and HAYS in COLONEL JARED IRWIN's regiment. Immediately after the re-organization, the command marched to Buffalo, reaching there in November, where it went into winter quarters, and remained until discharged, their term of enlistment expiring in January, 1813. CHAMBERSBURG COMPANY CAPTAIN -- JEREMIAH SNIDER LIEUTENANT -- JOHN McCLINTOCK ENSIGN -- OWEN ASTON SERGEANTS -- JOHN STEVENSON ALEXANDER ALLISON JOHN CALHOUN ANDREW CALHOUN CORPORALS -- ROBERT HASLETT WILLIAM TILLARD H. RUTHRAUFF JOHN REED MUSICIANS -- WILLIAM DONALDSON HENRY BICKNEY PRIVATES TIMOTHY ALLEN A.L. CRAIN ROBERT FOOTE JOHN ANDREWS ANDREW CLUNK HUGH GREENFIELD JOSEPH BARNETT DAVID CLOUSER ISAAC GRIER SAMUEL BEATTY JOHN CUMMINGS PETER GLOSSBRENNER DAVID BLYTHE GEORGE FABER JOHN HUNTER GEORGE HEIST ANDREW McCONNELL GEORGE SAMPSON HORACE HILL SPENCER McKINNY MOSES H. SWAN JOHN HUTCHINSON ELISHA NABB WILLIAM TAYLOR THOMAS HARVEY JOHN PHILLIPY JOSHUA WILSON DANIEL HOOD JOHN PLUMMER JAMES WILSON ANDREW LINDSAY STEPHEN RIGLER BERNARD WOLF JAMES MURRAY WILLIAM SHANNON CAPTAIN -- HENRY REGES FIRST LIEUTENANT -- JEREMIAH SENSENY SECOND LIEUTENANT -- JOHN MUSSER FIRST SERGEANT -- PETER FLACK PRIVATES JOHN BAYLE PHILIP GRIM RICHARD RUNNION JOHN BAUGHMAN CHRISTIAN JOHN JOHN RADEBAUGH ROBERT CUNNINGHAM GEORGE W. LESTER JOHN ROBINSON JOHN COOK JOSIAH LEMON JOHN REILLY EDWARD CRAWFORD ISIAH LAMER JACOB SNYDER ARTHUR DOBBIN ROBERT McMURRY JOSEPH STATE JOHN DENIG JOHN MUMMA HENRY SMITH JOHN ESSIG HUGH MARMON THOMAS SCHOOLS ISAAC ERWIN HUGH McCONNELL JOSEPH SEVERNS JOHN FAVORITE HUGH McNULTY DANIEL SAILER JOHN GILICKS JOHN MARTIN JOHN WHITNEY WILLIAM GRICE BENJAMIN MATTHEWS JAMES WISE JOSEPH GOOD JAMES McCONNELL GEORGE WILSON JOHN GILMORE WILLIAM POLLOCK GEORGE ZIMMERMAN CAPTAIN -- ANDREW OAKES LIEUTENANT -- THOMAS WILSON ENSIGN -- GEORGE ZEIGLER SERGEANTS PETER CRAMER JACOB GUDTNER JACOB FLETTER JAMES PENNELL CORPORALS -- WILLIAM DUGAN GEORGE SHARER HENRY SITES JACOB GARRESENE THOMAS BRADY JOHN POPER PRIVATES WILLIAM BOLTON JOHN GAFF GEORGE SHAFFER GEORGE BETTES JOHN GARNER SAMUEL SMITH HENRY BRENDLINGER WILLIAM GORDON JOHN SNYDER JOSEPH BYERLY RICHARD KELLER JOHN SREADER SAMUEL BENDER SAMUEL MARTIN GEORGE STUFF WILLIAM CARROLL JAMES McCURDY GEORGE ULLER PATRICK DUGAN SAMUEL McLAUGHLIN SAMUEL WEIDNER EVAN EVANS WILLIAM OVELMAN DANIEL WEIDNER WILLIAM FOSTER THOMAS PLUMMER CHRISTIAN WILLHELM THOMAS FLETCHER WILLIAM SCULLY CAPTAIN -- PATRICK HAYS LIEUTENANT -- JOHN SMALL ENSIGN -- SAMUEL ELDER SERGEANTS -- JAMES McQUOWN JACOB SMALL JACOB WILLIAMS GEORGE SPANGLER CORPORALS -- JOSEPH HERRINGTON JOHN DONOTHEN JOHN MULL DANIEL LEER JACOB CAIN JACOB WISE PRIVATES JAMES BENNETT JOHN DUNLAP WILLIAM HART ISAAC BRUBAKER FREDIK DIVELBISS JOHN HEART SAMUEL CAMPBELL DAVID DEITRICK JACOB HODSKINS JOSEPH CUNNINGHAM JAMES ELDER JOHN HALLIN HENRY CLINE JACOB GROSCOPE JAMES HALLAND JOHN CROUCH PETER GASTER JOHN KING WILIAM COOPER JONAS HISSONG PETER KYLER SAMUEL CRAIG JOHN HASTLER* ROBERT McFARLAND JOHN CLAPSADDLE ABRAHAM HODSKINS JAMES McDOWELL ALEXANDER DUNLAP JOHN HARRIS WILLIAM McCURDY ROBERT McQUOWN SAMUEL MARTIN PETER TEACH JOHN MOWRY CHARLES PETTET JAMES WALKER CAMPBELL MONTGOMERY HENRY SUFFECOLL HENRY WEAVER WILLIAM McQUOWN WILLIAM STEWART DANIEL WELKER CHARLES McPIKE

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