Revolutionary War

Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
1751 2
175? 3
Edinbugh, Midlothian, Scotland 2
Pennsylvania 3
05 May 1825 1
Newport, Campbell, Kentucky, United States 1

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Personal Details

1751 2
175? 3
Edinbugh, Midlothian, Scotland 2
Pennsylvania 3
05 May 1825 4
Newport, Campbell, Kentucky, United States 4

Revolutionary War 1

Service Start Date:
09 Jul 1777 1

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Revolutionary War




JAMES MCPIKE 14:303, 418, JOHN MCPIKE 14:296, THOMAS MCPIKE 14:294, 301, 429—“Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666” by George Greer, Clerk Virginia State Land Office, 1982.


JAMES MCPIKE, birth date 175?, Pennsylvania, American Genealogical Biographical Index


JAMES MCPIKE, 1751?-1825 migrated , circa 1772, to Baltimore, Md., where he acted as a recruiting sergeant. He served in the American military forces throughout the Revolution. Therefore, he was probably identical with the James McPike, Sergeant in Captain Fishbourne’s company, Fourth Pennsylvania Line. (transcript 1907—Four Revolutionary Soldiers by E.F. McPike)


JAMES MCPIKE—Orphans Court Docket 1791-96, p. 356. John Taylor and James McPike, adm. Of the estate of the late ROBERT MCPIKE, late of Little Britain Township, July 1, 1795 (per family file letter in 1956 at Lancaster County Historical Society)


JAMES MCPIKE—1799, Chester County Tax lists


JAMES MCPIKE—1810 United States Federal Census, Mount Pleasant, Washington Co., Pennsylvania 2/0/0/1/1/0/1/4/0/1/


JAMES MCPECK or MCPEEK or MCPAKE, War of 1812—Pennsylvania Militia Service Records


JAMES MCPIKE—Revolutionary War—Pennsylvania Service Records


JAMES MCPICK, listed in 2d Penna. Batt., 1776, vol. 10 Pennsylvania Archives, p. 88


JAMES MCPIKE, enlisted in Captain John Diemer’s company Provincial Service


JAMES OR JOHN MCPEAK OR MCPICK, Provincial service, enlisted 7/30/1746, age 21, Ireland, Lab., under Samuel Perry, Vol. 2, p. 429


JAMES MCPIKE, Second Pennsylvania Regiment, Continental Line (Jas McPike died May 1, 1778), Pennsylvania archives: Fifth Series, Volume II


JAMES MCPIKE, Lancaster County Muster Roll 1781, Pennsylvania Archives: Fifth Series, Volume VII pages 35-36


JAMES MCPIKE—1782, Supreme Executive council PA, paid estate of Sergeant of the 4th Reg. Deceased


JAMES MCPEAK, August 1773 listed an indenture, born in Ireland, Pennsylvania German Society


James and John McPeak--1781 York County, Pa Deeds, Vol. 2A, pages 444-445. The records showed a John Linn and an Ann Brouster (sp?) of Cumberland Township (then part of York County, now Adams), executors of the estate of John Brouster (sp?) granting land "near Rock Creek" in Cumberland Township to John and James McPeak. This land was bordered by William Scott's property on the East, Daniel McPeak's on the South, Archibald Findley on the North, and Andrew Livingstone and James Wilson ont he Northeast.


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